FANOLA No Orange Mask
Ideal, for grey, super lightened, or decolored hair Violet pigment tones down unwanted yellow hues on grey, light blonde, or streaked hairNo Orange Mask by FANOLA price in Pakistan is Rs.1710
PKR 1,900.00
FANOLA Nutri Care Restructuring Mask
Ideal for dry, frizzy, and treated hair Nourishes and detangles hair to streamline combing Enriched with milk proteinsNutri Care Restructuring Mask by FANOLA price in Pakistan is Rs.1080
PKR 1,200.00
FANOLA Botolife Reconstructive Mask
Softens and smooths hair Leaves hair more manageable For Brittle, Damaged Hair TypesBotolife Reconstructive Mask by FANOLA price in Pakistan is Rs.1440
PKR 1,600.00
FANOLA No Yellow Mask
Ideal, for grey, super lightened, or decolored hair Violet pigment tones down unwanted yellow hues on grey, light blonde, or streaked hair Ideal, for grey, super lightened, or decolored hair Violet pigment tones down unwanted yellow hues on grey, light...
PKR 1,900.00
LANEIGE Special Care Water Sleeping Mask
Overnight mask that gives the skin a lively, well-rested appearance the next morning thanks to its Sleep-tox™ purifying effect. 70ml/2.3 fl. Oz. After washing the face at night, apply toner and emulsion right before going to bed.Dispense an appropriate amount...
PKR 5,800.00
SK-II Pitera Facial Treatment Crystal Clear Mask
A cult-favorite sheet mask that immerses your skin in intense hydration. Place mask over eye area first, then gently spread over face and pat firm. Remove mask after approximately 20 minutes.Pitera Facial Treatment Crystal Clear Mask by SK-II price in...
PKR 2,300.00
COSMEDIX Pure Enzymes Cranberry Exfoliating Mask
Polish away dull surface cells and pore-clogging impurities with a nourishing combination of cranberry enzymes and lactic acid. This gentle exfoliating mask leaves skin dramatically softer and plump with the help of hydration-boosting Gluconic Acid. Pure Enzymes also helps protect...
PKR 7,774.00
COSMEDIX Clear Deep Cleansing Mask
Clear is a clarifying Deep Cleansing Face Mask that helps improve skin tone and texture by gently drawing out impurities to help unclog pores for a clearer-looking complexion that glows.Clear Deep Cleansing Mask by COSMEDIX price in Pakistan is Rs.6279...
PKR 6,279.00
FANOLA Nutri One 10 Azioni Spray Mask Leave In
Enriched in Milk Proteins, Linseed and Argan Oil Ideal for dry and frizzy hair Styles damp or dry hair Restructures and hydratesNutri One 10 Azioni Spray Mask Leave In by FANOLA price in Pakistan is Rs.1800
PKR 2,000.00
FANOLA Botolife Filler Intensive Reconstructor
Strengthens hair from the inside Plumps hair For brittle and damaged hairBotolife Filler Intensive Reconstructor by FANOLA price in Pakistan is Rs.3780
PKR 4,200.00
AVENE Cleanance Mask
PKR 2,300.00 PKR 1,610.00
AVENE Cleanance Mask
This 3-in-1 clarifying clay mask turns into a scrub to deeply cleanse, exfoliate pores, absorb oil and visibly reduce the appearance of skin blemishes.Cleanance Mask by AVENE price in Pakistan is Rs.2300
PKR 2,300.00 PKR 1,610.00
SK-II Facial Treament Mask
A cult-favorite sheet mask that immerses your skin in intense hydration. -Apply once or twice a week or as needed. -When incorporating into your skin care routine, use the sheet mask after you cleanse and tone. -Start with a dry,...
PKR 2,300.00
DR.ROEBUCK'S Byron 2 in 1 mask + scrub
A dual-action cleansing mask and scrub that gently exfoliates and enhances your complexion. Use two to three times per week. -Apply to damp skin. -Leave on face for five to 10 minutes to form a light mask. -Gently massage into...
PKR 6,200.00
SEPHORA Grapefruit Peeling Mask Skin Perfection
A face mask enriched with grapefruit to perfect skin.Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, and OilyPores, Dryness, and BlemishesMask- Grapefruit Extract from Natural Origin: Brightens and smooths your skin, leaving your complexion radiant and more even. This mask refines and brightens...
PKR 1,500.00
GUERLAIN Abeille Royale Repairing Honey Gel Mask
Features an exquisite honey-gel texture to instantly plump up skin Contains pure Ouessant Black Bee Honey and exclusive Royal Jelly Helps boost skin's ability to repair itself Hydrates dry, damaged skin and refines skin textureAbeille Royale Repairing Honey Gel Mask...
PKR 8,900.00
WATSONS Facial Mask Radiant & Moisturising
A face mask with Aloe Vera juice and Vitamin C improves the complexion and gives radiance to the skin. Aloe Vera deeply moisturizes and soothes the skin, vitamin C - brightens and protects the skin from exposure to sunlight.Facial Mask Radiant...
PKR 350.00
GLAMGLOW BERRYGLOW™ Probiotic Recovery Face Mask
A moisturizing mask packed with super berries and probiotics to help repair skin’s moisture barrier.Normal, Dry, and CombinationDryness, Dullness and Uneven Texture, and Fine Lines and WrinklesLightweight Mask- Super Berry Blend: A mix of antioxidant-rich fruit extracts (blueberry, cranberry, and...
PKR 2,700.00
SOAP&GLORY Bright & Beautiful™ Sheet Mask
That’s bright, girls – packed with a cocktail of skin-boosting ingredients, no one need know you’ve been feeling stressed out, partied out and altogether too much out out. Our multi-tasking sheet mask is a speedy solution for dull-tired and stressed-looking...
PKR 500.00
WATSONS Facial Brightening & Moisturising
A fabric facial mask with Portulac and Mandarin extract from Jeju Island gives brightness and smoothness to the skin. Portulaca extract brightens and has a calming effect on the skin, Mandarin - promotes the formation of collagen fibers, which make the...
PKR 350.00
HUDA BEAUTY Wishful "Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub"
Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub is a gentle, yet powerful exfoliating scrub infused with a combination of pineapple and papaya enzymes, BHAs and AHAs that leave the skin with a healthy glow. Tried and tested by Huda herself, this three-in-one revolutionary...
PKR 9,700.00
SOAP&GLORY Puffy Eye Attack™ Under-Eye Mask
Constantly battling tired eyes! Deploy our moisture-rich under-eye patches that work while you rest, helping reduce the appearance of dark circles and under-eye puffiness, brighten skin and infuse moisture. Packed with super-naturally good ingredients, it’s the perfect perk-me-up for peepers!...
PKR 350.00
WATSONS Facial Mask Energising & Moisturising
Fabric mask for face with Lycopene and Ginkgo Biloba extract tones and heals the skin, improving complexion. Lycopene obtained from tomatoes creates an antioxidant barrier, protecting the skin from free radicals. Ginkgo Biloba - maintains youthfulness of the skin, increasing its firmness...
PKR 350.00
WATSONS Facial Mask Purifying & Moisturising
A fabric face mask with Pitahaya extract and Althea Flowers cleanses and brightens the skin. Pitahaya extract creates a powerful antioxidant defense, promotes skin rejuvenation and regeneration, reducing pigmentation and acne on the face. Althea flowers have a moisturizing and calming effect...
PKR 350.00
WATSONS Facial Mask Refreshing & Moisturising
A face mask with cucumber extract and hydrolyzed protein freshens and nourishes the skin with nutrients. Protein amino acids promote skin regeneration and activate collagen production.Facial Mask Refreshing & Moisturising by WATSONS price in Pakistan is Rs.350
PKR 350.00
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