UBERLISS Hydrating Conditioner
The Uberliss Hydrating Conditioner! Rehydrate your hair fibers with this amazing conditioner, infused with Green Tea, Lemon Peel, & Keratin. Your hair fibers will be super easy to comb and so shiny that you won't stop touching your hair. The...
PKR 3,700.00
UBERLISS Bond Regenerator
Crosslinks to Generate New Bonds. Repairs Damaged Hair Fibers. MUST ADD for Color Processing and Lightening. Step #1 of the Uberliss Bond Treatment. Contains the highest concentration of our patent pending reactive nano-materials that actively seek out broken disulfide bonds...
PKR 21,350.00
UBERLISS Bond Shampoo
Sulfate free cleanser that preserves the newly created bonds during bond regeneration.Bond Shampoo by UBERLISS price in Pakistan is Rs.6500
PKR 6,500.00
UBERLISS Bond Amplifier
Repairs damaged sites along the hair shaft. Reinforces newly formed crosslink bonds during Step #1 using the Bond Regenerator. Cream-based conditioner that contains the active compound featured in Bond Regenerator. Reduces hair porosity and eliminates combing damage.Bond Amplifier by UBERLISS...
PKR 8,500.00
UBERLISS Hydrating Conditioner
The Uberliss Hydrating Conditioner also contains Keratin, so your hair strands will have much better fiber elasticity and be stronger against physical strain.
PKR 6,700.00
Quench your hair's thirst with the amazing Uberliss RituOil. Featuring a lightweight blend of Orchid and Argan Oil, RituOil will leave your hair feeling incredibly soft while emitting tremendous and lustrous shine. Best of all, RituOil will seal your hair...
PKR 3,200.00
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