MUSTELA Stretch Marks Oil
Maternity Stretch Marks Oil hydrates and improves skin elasticity during pregnancy. Certified organic and made with 100% ingredients of natural origin, it helps to prevent
PKR 1,900.00
MUSTELA Body Firming Gel
Mustela's Body Firming Gel is a specially formulated post pregnancy product that hydrates the skin, giving it a firmer look and overall feel. This light and refreshing gel is easily absorbed by the skin, is 100% compatible with breastfeeding, and...
PKR 2,500.00
MUSTELA Stelatria Purifying recovery cream
IRRITATED AREAS Soothes irritation. Repairs the skin. Helps rebalance the skin flora.
PKR 1,100.00
MUSTELA No Rinse Cleansing Water
No rinse cleansing water Gentle no rinse cleansing water for baby and child, face and diaper area, from birth on(1) (micellar water for baby or child's daily care).
PKR 1,100.00
MUSTELA Soothing Chest Rub
Weather conditions can cause discomfort and disrupt baby's sleep. Mustela offers its musturizing and soothing chest rub with extracts of natural origin and refreshing pine
PKR 1,350.00
MUSTELA Foam shampoo for newborns
The foam shampoo for newborns with 99% ingredients of natural origin and fragrance free is ideal to daily wash away cradle cap flakes.
PKR 1,250.00
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