PRAVANA Nevo Hydra Pearl Repleanishing Hair Oil
Hydra Pearl Replenishing Hair Oil is a concentrated elixir full of antioxidants that leaves hair revived, stronger and with more shine. This particular elixir helps maintain strength and adds shine to hair when added to deep conditioning treatments, can enhance...
PKR 3,450.00
COSMOFARMA ITALY Royal Placenta Hair Lotion
"Hair strengthening formula to boost hair growth, prevent hair fall, treat thin & weak hair."A new innovative trichological treatment, a hair strengthening formula that puts together the best ingredients for controlling hair loss and fortifying skin and scalp. Selected active...
PKR 4,900.00
"Hair strengthening formula to remedy chemically treated and heat treated hair, will prevent and mitigate hair loss and hair fall"Improved Formula !Strengthening Hair Lotion with vegetal placenta extracts, keratin and panthenol pampers and revives weak, lifeless, treated hair.
PKR 6,400.00
VIRTUE The Perfect Ending Split End Serum
SPLIT END SERUMMicro-Mends | Fortifies | SealsVirtue® Split End Serum is a lightweight cream that seals, smooths, and repairs broken ends. It nourishes and protects hair from future damage. Full of our patented Alpha Keratin 60ku® protein. Ideal for all...
PKR 7,250.00
PKR 3,200.00
Quench your hair's thirst with the amazing Uberliss RituOil. Featuring a lightweight blend of Orchid and Argan Oil, RituOil will leave your hair feeling incredibly soft while emitting tremendous and lustrous shine. Best of all, RituOil will seal your hair...
PKR 3,200.00
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