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We are a devoted team of makeup fiends and skincare fanatics on the quest for the most coveted and Khubsoorat (beautiful) products the world has to offer. From the state of the art formulations to hundred-year-old remedies that have been tried and tested - The Soorat is the space for those looking for the relevant beauty advice and proven skincare products. Whether it’s a great acne- treatment or a super powered serum, we are oh so excited! to share these little elixirs of goodness with all of you. Sharing the full ingredient intel, so that you can find products that work for you in a transparent manner is also a part of the Soorat mantra.

We believe that little nuggets of advice count, that good information is the foundation of seeking beauty and wellness. Your Soorat( your face/ your present condition) is inextricably linked. So we created Sedit an inclusive digital publication here to inform and inspire with relevant advice and painstakingly curated beauty, make-up and skin care products. Soorat’ SEDIT is here to help you exercise more control on how to achieve your own version of beauty, your own Soorat. Sedit will only and always celebrate your differences and applaud your struggles. If you have a story to share, or a zest for creating content then you have arrived at the right place. Your stories matter and we are here to listen. Let us know how you may want to become part of this shared journey.

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