ASTRA MAKEUP Hypnotize Liquid Lipstick
The iconic formula of Hypnotize Liquid Lipstick has been enriched with the new metal matte finish. Material Girl and Divina: two new glorious shades with metal effect for volumizing effect and lips adorned with a shiny veil of color.
PKR 1,755.00
ASTRA MAKEUP Ritual Primer Smoothing Effect
A precious and transparent dew with an aloe scent, that, just like a beauty treatment, enhances the complexion with its smoothing effect: it attenuates the look of pores, wrinkles and blemishes. Ritual Primer is formulated with 97% of natural ingredients,...
PKR 1,755.00
ASTRA MAKEUP Subliminal 16h Pro Liner
Subliminal 16h Pro-Liner flows on the eyelid like very black ink, defining the look with articulated graphic games or very fine lines of precision thanks to the fine felt applicator. Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested DEFINES WITH PRECISION Subliminal 16h Pro...
PKR 1,580.00
The matte finish is completely reinvented: Mat Lipsclick is the lipstick inspired by the techniques of applying make-up during fashion shows, which involve fading the color from the center of the lips outwards, creating a refined enveloping and completely opaque...
PKR 1,872.00
ASTRA MAKEUP My Foundation
New hydrating formula with aloe vera. Natural finish foundation with a particularly hydrating formula for uniforming the skin tone. Range renewed with 9 colors for all types of skin tones. The first My Foundation novelty is its formula: beside the...
PKR 1,755.00
A new formula, enriched with vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant and the moisturizing aloe vera, that give a gliding and buildable texture. My Lipstick, moisturizing, prevents dryness thanks to emollients like olive oil and jojoba oil. It moisturizes and prevents...
PKR 1,112.00
ASTRA MAKEUP Professional Eye Pencil
A perfectly executed symphony of intense and enchanting colors, each one capable of evoking a different emotion. Professional Eye Pencil moisturizing formula enriched with vitamin E for anti-oxidant and anti free- radical action. Versatile and easy to use, thanks to...
PKR 995.00
ASTRA MAKEUP Long Stay Concealer
Long Stay Concealer the long lasting, high coverage concealer. The high concentration of pigments ensures a total coverage. It melts perfectly with the skin without setting in fine lines. Long Stay Concealer lasts up to 12 hours (tested). With SPF...
PKR 1,580.00
ASTRA MAKEUP Color Muse Quad Eyeshadow Palette
The eclecticism of colors becomes iconic: Color Muse is the highly-pigmented and highly-blendable eyeshadow quad that summarizes in four references all the combinations of colors for an incomparable eye-look. The essential and handy packaging expresses a strong and unconventional vision...
PKR 2,106.00
ASTRA MAKEUP Bronze Skin Powder
The compact bronzing powder that glides on the skin, with a luminous and thin texture for a natural tanned effect. Bronze Skin Powder changes clothes with a brand new pattern: modern and graceful geometries that chisel its impalpable powder that...
PKR 1,697.00
ASTRA MAKEUP Compact Foundation
Practical and versatile compact foundation. Dermatologically tested and suitable for the most sensitive skin. Compact Foundation is easy to blend, thanks to the included sponge and it covers without efforts all imperfections with no heaviness. The silky and velvety texture...
PKR 2,165.00
Light and soft, feather effect lipstick. Extreme brilliance, velvety color and volume effect. Its melting and creamy texture folds into lips, ensuring a volume effect and an intense, velvety color. Velvet Lips formula is oil-free. Dermatologically tested and guaranteed by...
PKR 1,640.00
ASTRA MAKEUP Professional Lip Pencil
A perfectly executed symphony of intense and enchanting colors, each one capable of evoking a different emotion. Long lasting Lip pencil with soft and smooth texture. Simple, fast, precise line without smudges. Dermatologically tested.
PKR 995.00
ASTRA MAKEUP Hydra Lipsclick
Astra Hydra lipstick that sculpts and volumizes in just one move. Immediate sculpting volume effect. The formula, contained in the Hydra heart, is highly nutritious, thanks to the presence of vitamin E and the mixture of oils (jojoba oil, sweet...
PKR 2,050.00
ASTRA MAKEUP Transformist Foundation + Concealer
With its chameleon-like skills, Transformist Foundation + Concelear is the new product which will put an end to the search for the perfect foundation. The highly blendable texture adheres to the skin minimizing imperfections thanks to its high coverage. Its...
PKR 2,750.00
ASTRA MAKEUP Blush Me All Over
t delivers great highlighting effects in a delicate way. For a natural but sophisticated look. Glow Me All Over is an highlighter blush, ideal to highlight specific points of the face and body. Dermatologically tested. Buildable intensity. For a natural...
PKR 1,463.00
ASTRA MAKEUP Natural Skin Powder
Soft compact powder, impalpable and silky texture. Dermatologically tested, it gives great smoothness to the makeup.
PKR 1,755.00
ASTRA MAKEUP Skinstick Foundation
High coverage stick foundation, buildable and easy to blend. It is enriched with vitamin E. The formula is enriched with very fine powders and vitamin E, that helps fighting free radicals. Skinstick Foundation can be applied both as a normal...
PKR 2,106.00
ASTRA MAKEUP Icon Perfect Liquid Foundation
This liquid foundation gives the face a natural and glowy effect. The formula is enriched with multi-reflection corrective pigments, that are able to catch the light and to clonate various complexions’ colors. Its fluid, soft and light texture melts as...
PKR 2,574.00
ASTRA MAKEUP Ultimate Liquid Lipstick
TWO-PHASE VINYL EFFECT Liquid lipstick and Gloss Top Coat Ultra-bright transparent gloss as a top coat, for a moisturizing and volumizing effect. LONG HOLD Dermatologically tested, Ultimate Liquid Lipstick is a long-lasting liquid lipstick. ULTRA PIGMENTED Ultimate Liquid Lipstick is...
PKR 1,755.00
ASTRA MAKEUP Ritual Primer Mat Effect
Just like thermal water this aloe-scented gel glides on the skin purifying it; it minimizes the imperfections, giving an all-day-long mattifying effect. Its formula is enriched with vegetal glycerin, and contains EVERMAT, which minimizes pores while giving the skin a...
PKR 1,755.00
My BB Cream is the he perfect solution to obtain a flawless skin. A simple, daily gesture, dermatologically tested. 80% natural based texture is soft and smooth, enriched with precious vegetable origins actives that give rise to an all-in-one product...
PKR 1,580.00
ASTRA MAKEUP Expert Eyebrow Pencil
Expert Eyebrow Pencil formula allows to redensify the eyebrow line in a natural and precise way, granting a long lasting effect. It has a comb studied for modeling the eyebrows both before and after the pencil application.
PKR 1,463.00
ASTRA MAKEUP Temptation Eyeshadow Palette
PERFECT MIX OF FINISH METAL AND MAT A sumptuous game of shades to mix. Combine the nuances to create infinite contrasts between precious light points and seductive shadows. The silky and impalpable powders with a high concentration of pigments allow...
PKR 2,574.00

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