CLARINS Joli Rouge
Creamy, moisturizing lipstick delivers intense, long-lasting color in a classic, satin finish. Long-wearing formula combines pure plant extracts with intense pigments—so lipstick glides on and stays color-true for hours of flawless wear. Enriched with soothing Mango Oil and Organic Marsh...
PKR 6,000.00
CLARINS Supra Volume Mascara
An easy-to-use ultra-volumizing mascara. Contains Volume Boost complex to boost volume of lashes. Infused with cassia flower wax to deliver instant volume. Provides intensely black color. Unveils fuller thicker & magnified lashes with regular use.Supra Volume Mascara by CLARINS price...
PKR 7,400.00
CLARINS Joli Rouge Velvet
Creamy formula confers a burst of colour that moisturizes your lips Renders a smudge-proof coverage for a long lasting effect Includes active ingredients which are regenerative in natureJoli Rouge Velvet by CLARINS price in Pakistan is Rs.6000
PKR 6,000.00
CLARINS Lip Pencil
Enhances staying-power of lipstick Makes lips appear fuller and more seductive Prevents feathering of lip color
PKR 3,900.00
CLARINS Joli Blush
With ultra-pigmented color and a pH reactant, Joli Blush will be your go-to for a customized pop of color. From subtle to intense, matte to shimmering. This blush is featherlight and smooth, with each application.Joli Blush by CLARINS price in...
PKR 8,000.00
Enhances staying-power of lipstick Makes lips appear fuller and more seductive Prevents feathering of lip color
PKR 3,900.00
CLARINS Everlasting Cushion Foundation
Clarins Everlasting Cushion Foundation 15 ML 103 IVORY 100% matte, long-lasting foundation hides imperfections in just a few seconds without mold-like appearance Creates a perfect complexion that is resistant to the daily stresses of life (sweat, moisture, heat) and flawless...
PKR 9,700.00
CLARINS Gel Waterproof Eyeliner
A sensual and intense look to capture attention. This water-resistant gel eyeliner with a brush enhances the look with an intense and luminous black line. The makeup result is flawless. It is resistant to water, perspiration and humidity for a...
PKR 6,700.00
Clarins makeup. 3-DOT LINER. Eyeliner that combines the fixation of the eyeliner with the simple application of the pencil. It allows you to design more defined, intense and durable lines that require your gaze. The triforce shape of the applicator...
PKR 6,200.00
CLARINS Crayon Khol Long Lasting Eye Pencil
"Crayon Khol Long Lasting Eye Pencil With Brush" The other end is a natural hair brush for blending color Available in a wide array of shades that create versatile eye look One end is a kohl crayon that helps intensify...
PKR 4,900.00
CLARINS Be Long Mascara
Clarins presents BE LONG, a mascara that will change the proportions of your look. Its formula is enriched with a growth activator that will make your lashes look much longer and stronger day after day. Its exclusive brush offers a...
PKR 7,400.00
CLARINS Exfoliating Cleanser For Men
The 2-in-1 face care which cleanses and exfoliates, for perfectly healthy, clean skin. Prevents ingrown hairs and prepares skin for shaving. Powered by gentle exfoliants—including natural lava powder—this 2-in-one cleanser purifies while ridding skin of pore-clogging sweat, oil and spent...
PKR 7,200.00
CLARINS Men After Shave Energizer
Shave prep and after-shave toner for men, ideal for normal, dry, combination, and oily skin. Contains Purslane, Centella and Blue Alpine Thistle extracts to prep and soothe the skin.Men After Shave Energizer by CLARINS price in Pakistan is Rs.8600
PKR 8,600.00
CLARINS Moisture Body Lotion
Moisturizing body lotion ideal for dry skin. Combines the softening powers of Peach Milk, Shea, Candlenut Oil and Orange Blossom for visibly smoother skin with an improved tone. Works great on extra-dry, rough patches.Moisture Body Lotion by CLARINS price in...
PKR 10,500.00
CLARINS UV PLUS Anti Pollution SPF50
Clarins solar cosmetics. UV Plus Anti-Pollution SPF50. Maximum protection to protect facial skin against UVA rays and external agents that damage it and cause photo-aging. Composed of plant extracts. Apply every morning after the usual moisturizer.UV PLUS Anti Pollution SPF50...
PKR 10,900.00
CLARINS White Plus Brightening Night Gel
This brightening night gel revives the clarity of the skin and helps reduce the visibility of spots thanks to the vitamin C derivative associated with extracts of acerola, alchemilla and sabline. The complexion is even and radiant when you wake...
PKR 15,100.00
CLARINS White Plus Brightening Serum
Clarins 3380811264189 edition White Plus Intensive Brightening Serum is made of an advanced treatment formula that contains ingredients which help target all layers of the skin. The extracts of spergularia and alchemila help slow down hyper-pigmentation. Whilst the blended mix...
PKR 14,800.00
CLARINS Multi Active Day Cream
Helps to restore the skin and protect against the first signs of aging. Improves skins hydration levels and smooths fine lines. Protects the skin with SPF20. Suitable for all skin types.Multi Active Day Cream by CLARINS price in Pakistan is...
PKR 17,800.00
CLARINS Super Restorative Night Cream
Replenishes the skin at all levels, lifts and combats slackening Helps reduce the appearance of dark spots and boosts complexion uniformity Awakens skin radiance Hydrates and nourishesSuper Restorative Night Cream by CLARINS price in Pakistan is Rs.28600
PKR 28,600.00
CLARINS Super Restorative Serum
his targeted serum is designed for mature skin that has lost its firmness and plumpness. By using the organic harunguna extract the skin is firmed and facial contours are lifted. It is a healing and repairing tree from Madagascar that...
PKR 31,200.00
CLARINS Double Serum
from PKR 18,800.00
CLARINS Double Serum
Clarins DOUBLE Serum for all skin types acts on the aging signs. It is characterized by its biphasic formula that combines a lipid phase and a hydric phase. Created with 20 natural components, it incorporates in its new formulation the...
from PKR 18,800.00
CLARINS Mission Perfection Serum
Pigmentation is reduced and the appearance of dark spots and marks on the skin are brightened. Clarins is the first to discover the role of cell messengers known as exosomes in pigmentation. Helping to combat the formation of dark spots...
PKR 18,300.00
CLARINS One Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser
Brighten skin in an instant by gently polishing away dead skin cell, make-up residue and pollutants. Suitable for all skin types, the skin will appear more radiant and soft. Silica beads throughout the gentle formula help to refine pores and...
PKR 8,400.00
CLARINS Foaming Cleanser Oily Skin
Pore-refining cleanser for oily skin types. Gentle foaming cleanser helps remove impurities, trapped make-up, excess oil, pollutants and dull surface cells for a clear complexion.Foaming Cleanser Oily Skin by CLARINS price in Pakistan is Rs.6500
PKR 6,500.00
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