Buy Makeup Sponge & Blenders Online in Pakistan – The Soorat
ASTRA MAKEUP Make Up Blender
The shape and softness of Make-up Blender allow an easy application of products. Its special material ensures make-up product sits on top of the sponge rather than being absorbed, allowing you to use less product every time.
PKR 1,150
ASTRA MAKEUP Silicone Sponge
A transparent silicone sponge perfect for the application of liquid and cream foundations. This is a non-porous applicator that prevents from wasting product.
PKR 1,000
MUD MAKEUP Powder Puff 10 Pack
Create a flawless matte finish using these soft velour puffs. Specifically designed to pick up and hold powder for an even application. Sprinkle Loose Powder onto center of puff, fold in half and work powder into puff. Tap excess powder...
PKR 2,995
MUD MAKEUP MakeUp Sponge 12 Pack
Create a flawless look effortlessly with these specially designed, disposable Professional Make-Up Sponges. Unique shape offers extra surfaces and density keeps cream products from absorbing into the sponge.
PKR 1,495
ASTRA MAKEUP Precision Foundation Sponges
These triangular-shaped sponges are perfect for the application of liquid and compact foundations. Precision Foundation Sponges are the perfect instrument for the application of liquid and compact foundations. Its particular shape and its compact, soft and flexible structure allow you...
PKR 800
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