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ORLANE Oligo Vitamin Antioxydant Cream
An antioxidant-packed reviving facial cream Rich in powerful antioxidants to combat extra & intra-cellular oxidative stress Protects & strengthens the skin against free radicals while detoxifying skin cells Skin appears revived, more vigorous & healthier looking.
PKR 11,500
ORLANE Dual Grain Scrub
Orlane Dual Grain Scrub 75ml is a scrub with dual grains which ensures a genuine epidermis renewal. This scrub is formulated based on 2 volcanic and plant-based grains that polish the skin and remove dead cells, they activate surface micro-circulation...
PKR 9,000
ORLANE Hydralane Hydrating Oil Free Cream
Orlane Hydralane Hydrating Oil-Free Cream 50ml is a cream with oil-free, specially formulat for the hydration of the combination to oily skins. This oil-free cream associates 3 hyaluronic acids of 3 different molecule sizes which act both on the surface...
PKR 7,500
ORLANE Anagenese Essential Anti Aging Care
Orlane Anagenèse Essential Anti-Aging Care 50ml is an anti-aging cream which allows to stimulate the cell renewal, diminish the wrinkles and fine lines while moisturizing the skin. This anti-aging care is thus formulated based on several actives: Pro-cell growth factors...
PKR 8,300
ORLANE Supradose Concentrate Omega 3 & 6 61mg Restructuring
Orlane Supradose Concentrate Omega 3 & 6 61mg Restructuring 15ml is a serum concentrate in Omega 3 and 6. This serum is formulated based on Omega 3 and 6, essentials fatty acids components of skins cells. They are essential to...
PKR 6,000
ORLANE Anti Aging Sun Serum For Face Neck & Decollete
The best means of protecting and restoring the skin against sun damage. An expert treatment created to allow the benefits of the sun to be enjoyed without its drawbacks and to preserve the youthfulness of the skin. Orlane's Anti-Aging Sun...
PKR 8,500
ORLANE Anagenese Points Vulnerable Filler Serum
An intense & targeted anti-wrinkle concentrate for the lips & eyes Inspired by technical breakthroughs in aesthetic medicine Concentrated with growth factors to repair & instantly fill wrinkles around the contours of the eyes & lips Reveals smoother & younger-looking...
PKR 7,500
ORLANE Dual Phase Makeup Remover Face And Eyes
Orlane Dual-Phase Makeup Remover Face and Eyes 200ml is a make-up remover that perfectly and gently cleanses eyes and face. This make-up remover is in form of two phases which allow an express and perfect make-up removing of face and...
PKR 4,200
ORLANE Moisturizing Micellar Water
Orlane Moisturizing Micellar Water 400ml is a micellar water which effectively allows to cleanse and to remove make-up from eyes and face. This micellar water allows to perfectly cleanse the face and the eyes contour, while removing all the make-up...
PKR 5,000
ORLANE Super Moisturizing Light Cream
Drawing inspiration from the latest hyaluronic acid injection techniques and esthetic discoveries, Super,Moisturizing Light Cream offers intense anti,aging hydration.
PKR 12,000
ORLANE Supradose Concentrate Elastin 16,6mg Elasticity
Orlane Supradose Concentrate Elastin 16,6mg Elasticity 15ml is a serum concentrate in Elastin. This serum is formulated based on Elastin, a protein responsible of the skin elasticity. It provides to your skin one of its essential components and gives elasticity...
PKR 6,000
ORLANE Supradose Caffiene Detoxinant
The Orlane Supradose face serum is a product full of active ingredients, meaning it provides absolutely luxurious care for your skin. hydrates and nourishes effectively it protects the skin against harmful external influences. Dab an appropriate amount of the serum...
PKR 6,000
ORLANE Hydralane Hydrating Cream Triple Action
Orlane Hydralane Hydrating Cream Triple Action 50ml is a moisturizing care adapted to every skins types, at every age. This cream is an association of 3 hyaluronic acids of different molecule sizes, it hydrates both on the surface and deep...
PKR 7,500
ORLANE Gentle Cleansing Foam Face And Eye Makeup Remover
Orlane Gentle Cleansing Foam Face and Eye Make-Up Remover 200ml is a foam that perfectly cleanses and in gentleness the face and eyes. By simple pressure, this water becomes a white, soft and aerial foam. It dissolves in an instant...
PKR 5,500
ORLANE Magnificient Lip Balm
A glamorous and high-tech lip balm that is a highly effective moisturizing, nourishing, repairing and protecting balm for this delicate area. Contains micronized hyaluronic acid which dramatically rehydrates and plumps-up lips. Its "dressing-like" texture creates an impermeable and anti-dehydrating film,...
PKR 7,000
ORLANE B21 Extraordinaire Lotion
A powerful cellular enhancer, this lotion is THE essential first step in reaching perfect skin. It penetrates the cells and acts like a diffuser of active ingredients into the skin. Contains the Youth reset complex that helps to stimulate the...
PKR 18,500
ORLANE B21 Extraordinaire Absolute Youth Cream
Orlane B21 Extraordinaire Absolute Youth Cream 50ml is an anti-aging cream which allows to effectively act on the visible signs of aging. This anti-aging cream contains several actives: - an exclusive patented complex " Youth Reset " that gives back...
from PKR 30,000
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