FOCALLURE Snow Elf Double End Eyeshadow Brush
German nanofiber soft bristle, gold ferrule and pearlescent white handle Double End Eyeshadow Brush: Dual sided brush can be used to apply your eyeshadow and swipe your eye shadow left and right.
PKR 300.00 PKR 255.00
REAL TECHNIQUES Everyday Essentials Brush Set
Real Technique Everyday Essential Set contains every brush you’ll need for a complete makeup look, including bestsellers, making it the perfect set for face, cheeks, and eyes, helping to cover, colour and blend.-Blush Brush, which has tapered, soft and fluffy bristles...
PKR 4,800.00
ESSENCE Make Up Pencil Sharpener
Cute and convenient! This high quality sharpener is perfect for pencils big and small, for makeup bags big and small, and for sharpening jobs - big or small.
PKR 399.00
MORPHE Rose Baes Brush Collection
These brushes are gonna be your BFFs with their luxurious natural and synthetic bristles and ultra-glam rose gold finish. Plus, with chic mini handles and a sleek, small tubby, these babes glow everywhere you do. You’ll be brush besties forever....
PKR 8,000.00
ASTRA MAKEUP Eye Definition Brush
This brush has been designed for high definition blending. It can be used also for highlighting the inner corner of the eyes or eyebrows.
PKR 1,170.00
MORPHE Eye Stunners Brush Collection
Leave ‘em awestruck with this 6-piece collection of ride-or-die eye brushes. From cut creases to bomb blends, these babes will take your artistry to head-turning heights.  COLLECTION INCLUDES: Oval Shadow Brush (Natural) - Pack it in with this thick shadow brush...
PKR 6,500.00
Want that perfect lipstick This brush will help you pick the right amount of pigment and makes it easier for you to apply lipstick perfectly.
PKR 550.00 PKR 440.00
KAT VON D Lock-It Edge Concealer Brush
At KVD Beauty, we never blend in with the crowd, but we sure do love a brush that blends in concealer. And the Lock-It Edge Concealer brush is a blending dream come true. Its unique sculpted shape nestles perfectly into...
PKR 8,500.00
BH COSMETICS Smokey Eye Essential 7 Piece Brush Set
Go bolder and create looks that smoulder with our Smokey Eye Essential - 7 Piece Brush Set. It features must-have brushes for achieving smoking-hot eye effects like a pro. With tapered brushes for precise color placement and full, fluffy brushes...
PKR 4,800.00
MAKEUP REVOLUTION Glow Body Blending Brush
The Revolution Body Brush is perfectly shaped, with dense soft bristles to buff and blend into every contour of your body. Use with Revolution Molten Body Glow. Add product to the desired area and blend into the collarbones, shoulders, arms...
PKR 2,650.00 PKR 2,120.00
MAKEUP REVOLUTION Silicone Heart Sponge
This pretty, pink, heart-shaped silicone sponge is a must-have for makeup application. For use with cream or liquid makeup products, the silicone applicator is designed to eliminate wasted makeup. Whilst traditional sponges soak up large amounts of makeup during application,...
PKR 850.00 PKR 680.00
MAKEUP REVOLUTION Conceal & Define Infinite Face Brush Set
The perfect starter base brush set to create your complexion makeup. This set contains a powder brush, setting brush, buffing brush and blending sponge. Each brush features an Insta-worthy black and rose gold metallic design with ultra-soft bristles which imitate...
PKR 4,500.00 PKR 3,600.00
MAKEUP REVOLUTION New Neutrals Brush Set
Looking for the perfect brush set? Look no further. The Revolution Pro New Neutrals Brush Collection is here to help create luxe makeup looks. With a selection of 5 soft synthetic brushes each with a glossy gold leopard print design...
PKR 5,900.00 PKR 4,720.00
FOCALLURE Eyebrow Brush
PKR 240.00 PKR 204.00
FOCALLURE Eyebrow Brush
Glossy Aluminum With Metallic Luster And Antirust With Natural Wood Handle.
PKR 240.00 PKR 204.00
FOCALLURE Snow Elf 12 Pcs Brushes Set With Pouch
Upgrade your beauty tools with our new 12 pieces SNOW ELF kit contains the 12 necessary brushes you need for full makeup looks. Features: German nanofiber soft bristles, gold ferrules and pearlescent white handles, complete with a double-sided brushes bag....
PKR 3,600.00 PKR 3,060.00
Ideal for applying and blending compact foundation and tanning powder in a simple and even manner. This face powder brush, thanks to its large size, is ideal for applying and blending compact foundation and tanning powder in a simple and...
PKR 1,872.00
ASTRA MAKEUP Face Powder Brush
This fan-shaped brush is perfect to apply powders along the features without leaving any traces. This fan-shaped brush is perfect to add the finishing touches to the make-up look and to gently apply powders along the features. It can be...
PKR 1,755.00
The special shape of this brush and its synthetic bristles allow to take the correct quantity of powder and apply it evenly and precisely, without wasting product. The synthetic fiber of the bristles offers flexibility, resistance and high performances in...
PKR 1,697.00
ASTRA MAKEUP Make Up Blender
The shape and softness of Make-up Blender allow an easy application of products. Its special material ensures make-up product sits on top of the sponge rather than being absorbed, allowing you to use less product every time.
PKR 1,463.00
ASTRA MAKEUP Foundation Brush
This flat brush is ideal for a precise and even application of creamy, liquid foundation. Its special flat shape and innovative synthetic bristles ensure a perfect application of the foundation all over the face for a high-definition make-up effect. The...
PKR 1,580.00
ASTRA MAKEUP Silicone Sponge
A transparent silicone sponge perfect for the application of liquid and cream foundations. This is a non-porous applicator that prevents from wasting product.
PKR 1,170.00
MUD MAKEUP MakeUp Sponge 12 Pack
PKR 1,495.00 PKR 1,196.00
MUD MAKEUP MakeUp Sponge 12 Pack
Create a flawless look effortlessly with these specially designed, disposable Professional Make-Up Sponges. Unique shape offers extra surfaces and density keeps cream products from absorbing into the sponge.
PKR 1,495.00 PKR 1,196.00
MUD MAKEUP Brush 510 Large White Fan
Extra-soft, fan shaped bristles are ideal for removing powder from under the eyes and other hard-to-reach areas. To preserve brushes, clean regularly with a professional brush cleaner and lay flat to dry To preserve the shape, lay brushes against the...
PKR 2,995.00 PKR 2,396.00
MUD MAKEUP Travel Brush Case
PKR 1,295.00 PKR 1,036.00
MUD MAKEUP Travel Brush Case
TRAVEL BRUSH POUCH The Basics: Now you can take your favorite make-up brushes wherever you go. This sleek, envelope-style travel brush case has been custom designed to hold MUD travel size brushes, including the 210S, 300S, 310S, 330S, 710S, 800S...
PKR 1,295.00 PKR 1,036.00

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