Let’s be honest, there has been a time in our lives when we have gotten all comfy in bed, only to realise that we have our makeup on and forgotten about our night skincare routine. The last thing we want to do is get out of bed and spend twenty long minutes, pampering our skin.


Fear not, we have you covered! You only need to have a few essentials on your bedside table to carry out a simple skincare routine. The key is to use disposable items such as wipes or just wear non-waterproof mascara and eyeliner!
This list is all you need to get your skin feeling fresh. So whether you are alone or with your gal pal soaking up a girls night in. We say get your jammies on for a super easy night of papering and read on.

Makeup Remover or Cleansing Oil:

The first step is to take off your makeup and impurities that have collected on your face throughout the day. Use a simple makeup remover and wipe your face with cotton rounds. Gently Off Makeup Remover from MAC is a wonderous product which makes the process of makeup removal so seamless with it’s dual phase formula of oil and water. If you prefer try a cleansing oil for removing, cleaning and moisturizing your skin at the same time.


A splurge it might be. But girl the SK-11 Facial Treatment Lotion is truly the bomb! It rejuvenates the skin after a long day out. However if you are saving up for your boyfriend’s birthday gift fret not. A good Baby oil is also a great alternative, simply rub it into your skin to break up all the makeup and dirt. We have been meaning to check out Co natural but let’s be real we have some seriously amazing stuff in our own stash. We will be dropping these crushes soon!

Wipes and Cotton Rounds:

These are an essential in any situation. If you decide to clean your face with baby oil, you may use a wipe to clean off the leftover makeup and impurities. And if you are getting an itch as we are to go green we suggest trying the disposable Bamboo wipes that Soorat has yet to get their own hands. And tell us if they are worth it or not!

Micellar Water:

The next step would be to use a cotton round with micellar water. Gently wipe your face with it, leaving your skin feeling hydrated. Garnier Micellar water is a gentle, hydrating cleanser that doubles the cleansing effect especially the days when you pack on heavier makeup.It’s non-toxic quality will give your skin the natural glow without any skin damage.


We can’t stress the importance of moisturizing enough. It’s always on lists of skincare essentials. Keep a travel size/mini moisturizer in all of your beauty kits. In case of emergencies, you can use it as a makeup remover. Laneige’s Moisture Mist is a bit heavy on the purse, But not only will it take off the makeup it will actually keep your skin super hydrated with it’s Water Bank technology.It induces minerals and vitamins into your skin keeping away dryness, heavy oiliness and makes your skin comfortable even from the first application.

Lip Balm:

Moisturize your lips to keep them soft and prepped for your favorite matte lipstick the following day. Rimmel Lip Conditioning balm will do both jobs for you give you the base to apply your lipstick and keep them conditioned after you remove it for the night.


Lastly, sip water as you scroll through your Instagram feed or catch up on your daily dose of Netflix. After all, water is your skin’s best friend.


We hope you girls enjoy this skincare routine while staying in bed. It saves you the pain and struggle of getting out from under your comfy covers.

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