BOTOX - The Complete Guide To Understanding This Cosmetic Procedure

BOTOX - The Complete Guide To Understanding This Cosmetic Procedure

Aging is natural and unavoidable, it is one of the only guarantees in life, that as you grow older your face and body changes. Of Course some of us try harder than others to fight that progression, and look younger for longer. Here’s one of the secrets to a younger looking you: Botox. 

What REALLY is Botox?

What REALLY is Botox? | The Soorat

Botox is one of the quickest, easiest & least invasive procedures to have done to your face. So what is it actually? Botox stands for Botulinum Toxins, which are toxins derived from C botulinum bacteria, found in natural environments like lakes or forests. In small doses these toxins are harmless, however in larger quantities they are pretty deadly… 

How does it work?

How Does It Work? | The Soorat

Botox is given through tiny injections, usually after a topical numbing cream has been applied to the area of the skin. The substance released into the skin temporarily paralyzes the muscles in the face; ultimately by stopping the muscle cells from contracting, the toxins enable the targeted muscles to be more mobile. Botox usually lasts anywhere between 3-11 months, and costs anywhere between 10-600 dollars, depending on what you're getting done. The procedure normally takes 24-72 hours, to settle and create an impact, although some doctors believe botox can set in upto 2 weeks later. After the process you are not allowed to touch your face, or lie down for 4 hours, this ensures the toxins spreads how it is supposed to. 

Surprising Reasons People Get Botox

Surprising Reasons People Get Botox | The Soorat

The most common reason why people usually want Botox is to reduce the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles. Some of the most popular areas to get botox are forehead creases, between the eyebrows, next to the eyes, around the mouth and the chin. 

This may surprise you but beauty is not the only reason people get botox. There are various medical reasons why someone would wish to get Botox including, but not limited to curing crossed eyes, stopping severe underarm sweating, eyelid spasms and overactive bladders. And here I thought it was just to look pretty. 

Where should you go to get the best Botox?

Where should you go to get the best Botox? | The Soorat

Whether you need it for medical reasons, or antiaging some prominent centers in Asia to go to include, the Biolite Aesthetic clinic, in Dubai. The center has been operating since 2007, specializing in skin science, while guaranteeing painless procedures. 

Next there’s the Kaya skin clinic in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. They use top of the line products and do not compromise on quality, making them slightly pricier, however they produce detailed, comprehensive results. Lastly if you’re looking for a solution closer to home, the Royal cosmetic surgery center in Islamabad, Pakistan delivers promising, efficient results. 

Additionally these centers come up with new, improved treatments, and creative solutions to our skin problems, the royal cosmetic surgery for instance does a botox brow lift for hooded eyes. Have you ever heard the term bright eyed kid? Our eyes are one of our most attention drawing features, and as we age our eyelids begin to sag. This procedure works to lift the folded skin above your eye, making your eyes appear larger and more engaging. This non surgical treatment still requires experts in the field, to make sure the placement of the injection is correct, afterall being a bright eyed kid is no easy feat.  

Is there an Appropriate age to go under the needle?

Is there an Appropriate age to go under the needle | The Soorat

As long as you’re healthy you can get botox, whereas once the desired age to get the treatment was around 40 or 50 when signs of aging are apparent, now people have started getting it in their early twenties, as a preventative measure. While it definitely makes you look younger, there could be some undesirable side effects. Dry eyes, headaches and bruising around the site, just to name a few. Others include, double vision, urinary problems, arrhythmia and even myocardial infarction. 

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look younger, afterall age is just a number, so you do you. However before taking the plunge, speak with your doctor, every person is different, and may react accordingly! If you do choose to do it, we hope you enjoy every second of being young, beautiful and botoxed! 

To get intouch with a doctor, or if you’re just curious you can call the Royal cosmetic surgery center:

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