7 Key Factors To Look Younger And Even Reverse Aging

7 Key Factors To Look Younger And Even Reverse Aging

The secret for looking youthful has been a constant question and aging often gets the bad rep that it really doesn't deserve. Over the last millennium much has been researched and many experiments conducted to find ways to slow down the aging process, yet we resign to aging by applying little to no information available out there. We often blame our genetic blueprints and general decline in health, age related diseases, belly fat and memory loss as part of the inevitability of aging. But did you know that only 10 percent of disease is caused by genes?  “Many of them that you can turn on and off—and the other 90 percent is lifestyle”, says Sara Gottfried, author of Younger. 

Use some of the key factors that have been shared below to slow down the natural change, and to look and feel younger even as you age.

Environmental Factors

Since mapping the human genome, Scientists developed and mapped the humane genome and came up with a complementary concept called the exposome—this is total sum of an individual’s exposure to diet and lifestyle, their response to that lifestyle and the effect it has on their health. This exposure has the power to work for or against you, and can actually adjust how your genes are expressed in your DNA sequence. Pretty deep we get it but wait till you read on.


     “Genetics loads the gun, and the environment pulls the trigger.”


Guess what controls most of your exposome: Its the daily habits of your body and mind, both conscious and unconscious, frequency and intensity of movement, environmental exposures in your home and office, what you eat and drink, and how you manage or mismanage your hormones, that controls most of your exposome. So in a way your are what you eat, think, sleep and breathe. The good news is that simple and practical lifestyle tweaks and a shift in how you manage your exposures can really help to prevent disease and unnecessary aging.

Toxic Factors and Gerontogens.

Over a period of time toxins from the environment can accumulate in your fat—scientists call them gerontogens. Similar to how carcinogens increase your risk of cancer, gerontogens can cause premature aging. These toxins include pollution, cigarette smoke, heavy metals, UV rays, chemotherapy, contaminated drinking water, preservatives, and pesticides. While exposure to certain poisons is inevitable, we can address the genetic tendencies that cause you to accumulate them.

Detox: It’s important to start detoxification, to get rid of the toxins mentioned above from our bodies. Our body’s metabolism has done that process, but in everyday life, we are exposed to so many chemical hazards from air, food, and environment. Fasting and or consuming fruits and vegetables are some of the ways to detoxify our bodies. 


Detox fruit vegetable meat foods

The Muscle Factor 

We all know metabolism slows down with age, causing more fat accumulation and muscle loss. On an average, we lose five pounds of muscle every decade after age thirty. This muscle loss and fat gain is what causes us to loose our strength over a period of time. 

Through routine exercise, you will not only feel happier, energetic, and confident, but also increase bone density and muscle which can make your body look 15-20 years younger.

The Key Is To Focus On Preserving And Building Your Muscle Mass. 

Brain Factor

As you age your neurons (nerve cells) lose speed hence and induces a state of Oxidative stress. It’s an absolute must to have antioxidant countermeasures in place and take vitamins such as A, C, and E to reduce the damage caused by this Oxidative stress. Relax!  Manage your stress and make a mindful effort to feel at peace. Not only will your face  look younger and more attractive but you can also prevent mental illnesses in the future. 

Excessive stress and worry not only affects the appearance on your face but can shrink your hippocampus (the part of your brain involved in memory creation and emotional control) Excess stress also kills brain cells by increasing production of beta-amyloid, and puts the brain at risk for Alzheimer’s disease.

The key is to focus on keeping your brain regenerating and malleable as you get older.

The Gut Factor and Microbiome

About 70 percent of your immune system lies beneath the gut lining. Overstimulation of the  immune system can cause excess inflammation and in some cases trigger life-long Autoimmune conditions. 

Eating healthy and embracing a more anti-inflammatory diet  every day will keep your body fit, slim, and also make you look younger. Try to eat more fish instead of red meat. Add fibrous foods, vegetables, fruits, and supplements to supplement the growth of healthy gut microbiome. Drink less coffee and other caffeine beverages. 

The Hormone Factor

With age, men and women produce less Testosterone, leading to more fat deposits at the breasts, hips, and buttocks. Women also produce less Estrogen, which normally protects the hair follicles and skin. Lower levels of Estrogen and Testosterone can weaken bones, diminish sex drive, and may trigger hair loss and heart disease. As you age your thyroid gland slows down, causing sluggish metabolism and a weight gain of a few pounds per year and sometimes even per month!  Your cells become increasingly insensitive to the hormone insulin, which leads to rising blood sugar in the morning. As a result of higher blood sugar, you may feel foggier and experience stronger cravings for carbs, then notice more skin wrinkling along with an older-looking facial appearance. 

A balanced diet, getting adequate amount of sleep, exercising regularly, and detoxification support can reverse many of these age-related hormone problems. Try some of these tips and we promise to improve your overall health and stall aging.

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