NIVEA Labello Caring Lip Balm Pearly Shine
Cares and Provides Pearly Shine With Pearl & Silk Extracts Soft and Pearly Shine Lips Labello Pearly Shine Cares and Provides Pearly Shine
PKR 350.00
NIVEA Nourishing Lotion Body Milk
nivea body lotion, nourishing body milk, for very dry skin, long lasting moisturisation the deep moisture serum formula gives you moisturized skin for upto 48 hours reduces roughness of skin the nourishing almond oil repairs very dry skin
from PKR 230.00
NIVEA Nivea Soft
from PKR 210.00
NIVEA Nivea Soft
Highly effective, intensive moisturizing cream Quickly absorbs and refreshes the skin Leaves your skin soft and supple For everyday use Skin compatibility dermatologically approved
from PKR 210.00
NIVEA Pure Fresh Shower Gel
Invigorating shower sensation that feels like diving into the ocean Pour shower gel onto wet hands Wash cloth or pouf Massage over body and rinse off Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.
PKR 550.00
NIVEA Men Protect & Care Refreshing Face Wash
Throughly cleanses your skin and helps to clear away inpurities and oil Refreshes your skin Protects your skin's natural barrier Softens the beard
PKR 550.00
NIVEA Labello Original Classic Lip Balm
Soothes dry lips and calms lip irritation. Use Labello Original for dry or chapped lips. Labello Original is formerly known as Labello Classic Care! New name and packaging but the same high quality. Made in Germany and Imported from Austria
PKR 350.00
NIVEA Cool Kick Deo For Men Spray 48 Hr Antiperspirant
Kick of invigorating freshness – with Cool-Care formula 48h effective anti-perspirant protection & NIVEA® MEN Care Complex Skin tolerance dermatologically approved 0% ethyl alcohol
PKR 490.00
NIVEA Invisible Black And White Clear Roll On Anti Perspirant Deodorant
White mark protection on black clothing & anti-yellow staining on white clothing Reliable 48h anti-perspirant protection that cares for your skin No ethyl alcohol Skin tolerance dermatologically proven
PKR 350.00
NIVEA Body Milk Shea Smooth Body Lotion
infused with deep moisture serum and precious shea butter fast absorbing lotion, deep moisture and silky smooth skin skin compatibility dermatologically approved
from PKR 230.00
NIVEA Sensual Musk
Envelops your senses with an attractive and warm musk fragrance all day long Developed with Hydra IQ Technology, NIVEA’s unique formula naturally promotes a continuous moisture supply from within Skin soft and supple for more than 24 hours
PKR 510.00
NIVEA Natural Fairness Face & Body Lotion
Made from an innovative combination of liquorice and berry extracts, the Nivea Natural Fairness Face & Body Cream is just the thing you need for fighting off dry and dark spots on your face. It not only ensures a fairer...
PKR 350.00
NIVEA Natural Fairness Face & Body Cream
Features a brightening formula Contains berry extracts and liqorice Fights off dullness and dark spots Dermalogically approved for all skin types
from PKR 350.00
NIVEA Freshies Yellow
INTENSIVELY NOURISHES your skin with a highly effective freshness kick and vibrant scent With a stylish and MINTY CHILLED SCENT of green leaves CARING FORMULA enriched with Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil to keep your skin moisturized every day ABSORBS...
PKR 360.00
NIVEA Care Fairness Cream
Evens and nourishes your skin Contains SPF15 to prevent darkening of skintone With Vitamin C and Pearl extract Skin looks even and beautiful without a sticky feeling Skin compatibility dermatologically approved
PKR 530.00
NIVEA Men Shower Gel Active Clean Body Wash
item form foam the caring formula lathers into a rich foam and does not strip the skin of essential moisture ph skin balanced, skin compatibility dermatologically approved
PKR 550.00
NIVEA Power Fruit Fresh Body Wash & Shower Gel
relax and rejuvenate with every shower let the exotic fragrance of acai berry provide you with a feeling of invigorating freshness throughout the day while the silky shower gel with antioxidants from blueberry caresses your skin and envelops you in...
PKR 550.00
NIVEA Lemongrass & Oil Shower Gel
Discover an exotic shower freshness with the revitalizing scent of lemongrass. The formula with caring oil pearls cleanses your skin gently for a sensationally soft feel.
PKR 550.00
NIVEA Frangipani & Oil Shower Gel
Give your skin refreshing care with Nivea frangipani and oil shower gel. Enriched with care oil pearls that moisturize your skin, making it soft and supple The invigorating scent of frangipani flower keeps you feeling fresh during and after the...
PKR 550.00
NIVEA Men Deep Face Wash
Thoroughly cleanses your skin and beard hair. Leaves a long-lasting clean feel and a refreshed skin feeling. Clears away impurities and oil. Removes all dirt and excess oils. Protects the skin from drying out.
PKR 550.00
NIVEA Men Face Wash All In One
reduces dark spots due to dirt and brightens skin refreshing and cool feeling on the skin skin compatibility dermatologically approved Compare with similar items
PKR 320.00
NIVEA Men Fairness Crème
Cares and hydrates the skin and prevents it from drying out. Non-greasy, non-sticky and absorbs quickly. Suitable for face, body, hands.
from PKR 650.00
NIVEA Men Sensitive Shaving Cream
Protects your skin from irritation while shaving Cares for the skin before you shave 0% alcohol, no burning Close and comfortable shave Dermatologically approved by men with sensitive skin
PKR 420.00
NIVEA Men Protect & Care Protecting Shaving Gel
Softens your beard hair Gives you a smooth razor glide and a comfortable shave Protects your skin from nicks, cuts and tightness Supports your skin's natural barrier
from PKR 900.00
NIVEA Men Sensitive Shaving Gel
Protects the skin from irritation while shaving thanks to the Ultra Glide Technology Cares for the skin before you shave 0% alcohol, no burning Softens the stubble for a close and comfortable shave Dermatologically approved by men with sensitive skin
PKR 900.00
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