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Holistic Healing: A List Of Our Favourite Aromatherapy Yankee Candles

Holistic Healing: A List Of Our Favourite Aromatherapy Yankee Candles

Everyone needs holistic healing in their life, and an aromatherapy candle does just that. These are candles which carry an array of medicinal oils, which are usually derived from plants and saps. These fragrant scented Yankee candles utilise regular plants. They help to relax and calm the mind and body.

Once the fume is released from the candle it enters your circulatory  system, bringing about different medicinal advantages. The essential oils used in these aromatherapies are a version of alternative medicine, and may help to boost different senses in the body.

Aromatherapy candles allow you to unwind, they may leave you feeling more empowered, as well as mentally calmer. Yankee candles are soothing, and may be used for multiple occasions, whether it's unwinding on your own, or entertaining guests.

Every scent is sensibly priced, brilliantly adjusted, and multilayered revealing more complex smells, as the candle burns on. Aroma lovers will appreciate the blending and matching of these candles, hopefully finding new choices, through our scent recommendations.

The individuals who use Yankee candles, realise that every smell has a little charm in it, which may work towards uplifting your mood and producing glowing comfort. 

The Yankee candle gift set is packaged delightfully. You can buy one for your own space, or send it over as a gift to someone you love! 
Thesoorat wants to make sure you buy the best aroma candles for yourself or your cherished ones, by providing you with our charming assortment.

Autumn Glow Medium Jar Candle

This aroma candle helps you wind up your summer and move into winter. Each scent carries a unique fragrance, leaving t

pre-winter day something uniquely great.

Conduct the final aromas of summer and smooth harvest time tones into your home with this extent of scents from Yankee candles.

These Yankee candles allow you to prepare your home for the transition between seasons. The musky, dewy, autumn scents linger on in the air, making your home smell like the rich, earthy, air outside. The candles produce a comfortable, warm glow preparing your home for the cold season with some pre winter sparkle.

This unique fragrance has top notes of shining citrus, with centre notes of Autumn bloom and new sliced spices, to highlight the change in the seasons. The Yankee candle lasts from sixty-five to ninety hours, allowing you to ctreate some pre winter memories, before the dewy air turns crisper.

You can place these candles on any surface of your home, their simplistic design makes them more appealing. Additionally the solid glass makes them less fragile, and harder to break. It is the perfect present for a companion or a treat for yourself.

YANKEE CANDLE | Autum Glow Medium Jar Candle | The Soorat
Autumn Glow Medium Jar Candle Rs. 4450

Classic Votive All Is Bright Candle

Another top of the line scented candle is a ‘classic votive bright candle,’ which bathes the entire room in a soft, warm light. A votive flame is a little candle, which is usually chalky or golden coloured, it is often used by religious groups during prayer. The Yankee Classic Votive candle emits a strong scent, flooding your house with a welcoming fragrance. This scented candle is a combination of citrus and earthy smells, which create a calm, peaceful climate. The ideal placement for this candle is an intimate spot, such as a bedside table or dressing room. These tiny candles help you transcend into a meditative space.

YANKEE CANDLE | Classic Votive All Is Bright | The Soorat

Classic votive All is Bright Rs. 600

Pomegranate And Gin Small Jar Candle

This Yankee candle smells like Christmas in a jar. The sweet, spicy scents prepare your home for a festive holiday. Additionally, the small unique jars work to contain the smells, providing longer lasting scents. You can place it on a coffee table, or you can place it on your bedside, the scent of this candle will spread all over the house, regardless. Like the smell of freshly baked cookies, this appealing scent lingers on for hours. The wick lasts from 110-150 hours, so you are definitely getting your money's worth!

YANKEE CANDLE | Pomegranate & Gin Small Jar Candle | The Soorat

Pomegranate and Gin Small Jar Candle Rs. 2200

Classic Votive Black Cherry

The Classic votive black cherry is one of Yankee’s most popular candles. The scent is strong and sweet, however it is still understated, instead of overwhelming. The fruity cherry scent creates a pleasant atmosphere. The undertones of almond and cinnamon create a unique, appealing blend. The more generic scent of this candle makes it more appealing to a wider audience. Even once you take it out of the box, it leaves a slightly sweet smell behind.

YANKEE CANDLE | Classic Votive Black Cherry | The Soorat

Classic Votive Black Cherry Rs. 600

Coconut Splash Medium Jar Candle

The Coconut splash Yankee candle takes you straight to the tropics with one sniff. The refreshing blend contains hints of beige and camphor, mixed with velvety centre notes of cocoa palm and coconut milk. This one of a kind candle produces relieving aromas which last upto 150 hours. The candle’s container makes it only more appealing, the medium sized jar is not too big or too small, and can be placed easily around the house. Each candle is created with premium-grade paraffin wax and the best quality fixings, just for you.

YANKEE CANDLE | Coconut Splash Medium Jar Candle | The Soorat

Coconut Splash Small Jar Candle Rs. 2200


1. Are Yankee candles of excellent quality?

The Yankee candles are genuinely better than other candles available in the market. They are solid and the scent is consistent. Yankee candles are an excellent option for candle users.

2. What is surprising with regards to Yankee candles?

Yankee candles are surprising because they are made out of 100 percent natural products.

3. Is Yankee candle place motivation?

Home motivation by Yankee candle is another brand made by a popular organisation. These candles will last for a long time and keep your home feeling new and wonderful, with a fresh aroma.

4. For what reason are Yankee candles so costly?

Yankee candles contain low, mid, and top-of-the-line items making them accessible to all individuals. A few scented candles are more costly because they are aroma candles, and require more expensive ingredients.


Final Words

Here at the Soorat, we focus on the best products for our clientele. Scents and smells are vital in creating wholesome atmosphere’s and we hope this list allows you to do just that. Create comfortable vibes for you and your loved ones, by enhancing your living space with the help of these candles. The beautiful jars containing the candles may be recycled after the candle is finished. We hope these durable, fragrant candles help to light up your days!



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