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Why Do You Need To Use SPF In Winter

Why Do You Need To Use SPF In Winter

I’ve been guilty of the ultimate skin-care sin: avoiding sun-screen! On a rainy day, I’d figure, what’s the harm in skipping this step in my routine? The biggest misconception amongst Pakistani women is that sunscreen is only necessary when it’s sunny, to avoid a tan. Thus, as soon as winter rolls around, the sunscreen goes to the back of the dressing table, because it seems unnecessary, right? Wrong!


UVA and UVB rays still penetrate winter clouds to reach you, speeding up ageing, crow’s feet, fine-lines and the risk of skin cancer. In fact, it can even affect you if you’re indoors! So whatever you do, wherever you are, whatever time of the year it is: sunscreen will always be a crucial part of your regimen- probably more than anything else.


Sunscreen is an essential step of your skin care routine. If you think that your moisturizer, face serum and lip balm cannot be skipped, you should extend the same non-negotiable approach to sunscreen. If you find the thick texture of sunscreen off-putting, try out the cult favorite La Roche Posay which has an ultra-light-weight, invisible finish.


Another great choice is the Elemis Daily Defence Shield which has a primer-like finish, making it a perfect base for your daily make-up look.


If you love that glowy, dewy look, we recommend the Thalgo Age Defence Sun Cream which will help you look toasty and golden throughout the dull winter days.

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