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Waxing Vs Laser: What Should You be Getting Done!

Waxing Vs Laser: What Should You be Getting Done!

By Minahil Gillani.

Since time immemorial, the bond between a girl and her waxing-lady has been a sacred one- forged through mutual trust, a little bit (or a lot) of pain, and total transparency. However, in this day and age, there is a rampant evolution taking place: new, hi-tech methods of hair removal ( we’re talking LASERS ) have made their way into the market. So, how’s one to decide between tradition and modernity? Luckily, today I offer you a bit of perspective on what might work for you.

So, What IS Laser Hair Removal?

Laser Hair Removal is often hyped up to be some intimidating prospect- in reality, a small, concentrated beam targets the hair follicle- and causes it to fall out. A big bonus with this process is that it guarantees a reduction in future hair growth- and less damage to the skin as compared to waxing.

Cutting Costs:

Have you ever wondered how much you’ve spent in a lifetime on fruit wax, waxing strips, pellet wax (and whatever many variations may exist) only to face the inevitable return of your hair in a matter of days? Laser Removal may cost a pretty penny, but in most cases, it only takes a year of regular sessions to permanently reduce hair growth, and after that, some periodic maintenance. So, on a comparative basis- you would actually save money, long-term!

But, There’s a Catch:

Laser Hair Removal is NOT pain-free, much like waxing. Though individual experiences may vary, depending on one’s tolerance, one thing is for sure- post-procedure skin care is essential. You need to avoid direct sun exposure and use a calming balm for at least a day after. Furthermore, if you have grey or light-colored body hair- it may not even work for you, because the beam needs to detect pigment!

Why Waxing Works:

So, one major perk of waxing is immediate results- it only takes a second of pain before your skin is smooth and soft, and depending on your luck, it’ll be a while before any hair grows back. 

The Only Drawback:

Waxing is not only painful and time-consuming- but can often be the root cause of many skin conditions. Unless you allow your hair to grow back a fair amount before going in for your next waxing session, you may develop painful ingrown hairs.

The Bottom-Line:

While both methods have their charms- it’s clear to see that laser hair removal is certainly taking the beauty world by storm. That being said- whether you choose lasers, hot wax, or to do nothing at all- as long as you feel good, you’ll look good too.

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