Body Lotion And Body Scrub For Sexy Smooth Winters Skin

Body Lotion And Body Scrub For Sexy Smooth Winters Skin

We often give incredible importance to wearing daily SPF at the Soorat. But let’s not forget how important a daily moisturizer is — not just for your face but your body as well.

Body Moisturizers are just as essential for rehydrating the skin and losing future moisture loss.  Having said that it's so easy to neglect the rest of our body when it comes to our skincare routines? The result? Rough, patchy skin that’s in need of some serious hydration. On top of it, if you have any underlying skin concerns or seasonally dry skin issues then your winter comes with even more uncomfortable skin—and can trigger flare-ups like eczema and dermatitis. Not fun. 

Just be mindful that dry skin deserves a little extra TLC in the winter and sometimes traditional body lotions just won’t cut it. The Soorat carries some exceptional and exclusive spa-grade and high-end body products for both mom and baby. So that both you and your cherub can enjoy baby soft skin throughout this winter. 

Here is a round-up of some of our very best body lotions, creams, and oils to tackle and combat dry skin for all skin types and concerns be it sensitive skin or bumpy and rough texture brown skin. Some of these miracle products will even solve other issues beyond dry skin.

What’s the cure for it

So first of all, let's understand that our skin needs extra care and nourishment to beat the winter madness. To do that, we recommend the following steps;

Start by adding a good exfoliating scrub to revive your dry and dead skin, followed by a generous quantity of body lotion all over your body, especially the driest areas or parts that are most exposed to the sun.

Now it all comes down to where do we find the right scrubs and lotions? Worry not! Scroll down to discover some of our SEDIT favorites body lotions and scrubs for dry skin in winter to make it smooth, sexy, and Khubsoorat, and just the place to shop for them too!

Scroll down to discover some of our best body lotions and body scrubs for dry skin in winter.

1. THALGO BODYCARE Indoceane Sweet And Savoury Scrub | PKR 19,460

THALGO BODYCARE | Indoceane Sweet And Savoury Scrub | The Soorat

Thalgo body care Indoceane Sweet and Savoury Scrub is that perfect combination of sugary and luscious ingredients: Sea Salt, Cassonade, and volatile oils team up to exfoliate dead skin cells and give a new life to your dry skin. This elegant Body Scrub is ideal for winter. The heavenly Scented Body Lotion mingles with your skin and restores and maintains its moisture for incredibly long hours.
And it’ll also make you feel really good when he’ll surely notice and compliment “Tumhari skin kitni soft hai”.

2. OUAI Scalp & Body Scrub PKR 1,250

OUAI | Scalp & Body Scrub | The Soorat

Harsh scrubbing in winters is not a good idea! Not at all! This brings us to OUAI Scalp & Body Scrub to softly exfoliate your skin “Sar se paon tak” in order to achieve that ultra-hydrated glowing skin. A perfect Scalp and Body Scrub must always be included in the skincare regime for dry and thirsty skin. The secrets of sugar, coconut oil, and probiotics stored in OUAI Scalp & Body Scrub reveal their magic when they interact with your dry skin leaving it ultra-smooth and plump. 

3. VICTORIA’S SECRET Velvet Petals Fragrance Lotion PKR 3,700

VICTORIA SECRET | Velvet Petals Fragrance Lotion | The Soorat

VICTORIA’S SECRET Velvet Petals Body Lotion perks up your dry skin. The blend of petals works wonders on rough and patchy skin, absorbs into skin, has velvety smoothness and shine. Victoria’s Secret is a sealed petal pack inside that enhances your natural beauty by eliminating breakouts and restoring damaged skin.

4. MUSTELA Hydra Bebe Body Lotion PKR 2,100

MUSTELA | Hydra Bebe Body Lotion | The Soorat











The milky
MUSTELA Hydra Bebe body lotion perfectly nourishes your dry skin making it smooth and baby-like soft. It is also good for sensitive and Acne-Prone Skin too. From baby to babe, everyone can use this nourishing body lotion. So, invest in MUSTELA Hydra Bebe body lotion, and trust me, you won’t regret it later.

5. COSMEDIX Polish-Dual Action Body Scrub PKR 5,820

COSMEDIX | Polish-Dual Action Body Scrub | The Soorat









Polish double action body scrub gets rid of all your dull, dry, and dead skin leaving a layer of new Smooth skin. It also nourishes and takes away impurities like dirt, dust, and oil. It’s the best product to get healthy-looking soft skin on the go that even he can feel it!

The crew of best body lotion and Best Scrub for dry skin are on the board to quench your skin’s thirst because you, my Khubsoorats only deserve the best. These are our current must-have body lotions and Body Scrubs for dry skin for the winter 2022 season to romanticize your love with your bae.

So, no need to haye haye, just do bye-bye to dry skin!

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