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Trending TikTok Beauty Hacks To Help You Save Time

Trending TikTok Beauty Hacks To Help You Save Time

We no longer have the luxury of spending hours in front of our vanity mirrors, like our grandmothers before us. Our days are jam packed, and making yourself look presentable can take more time than you have. How many mornings have you rolled out of bed and rushed to your destination, after having only slept a couple of hours?

However, all hope is not lost… alongside our fast paced lives, quick and easy solutions have arisen. Almost everyday there’s a new Tik Tok beauty hack trending, to prettify yourself in a short amount of time. Some of these hacks are helpful, others may not be, the truth is you’ll just have to test the hack on yourself, and see if it works for you.

Here are a couple of the tried and tested hacks that went viral this past year.

Perfect Eyeliner in under a minute - kat_longoria

@kat_longoria #eyeliner ♬ original sound - xxtristanxo

Eyeliner can be tricky, especially if you don’t have a steady hand. Whether it’s going under the eye or over the eyelid, smudging is a pain, and definitely wastes time. A Tik Tok user Kat Longoria shared a hack that went viral. She created a perfectly winged design in under a minute, making her eyes look bright and beautiful(CHANGE). 

The hack involves putting a long piece of tape from under the nose up till the corners of the eyebrows. Then taping two smaller pieces across the eyelids, creating the winged look. After dipping her index finger in black eyeshadow, she smudges it over the exposed skin.

However be warned: Although this hack saves time, it can be dangerous in the long run. The fabric tape used is rough on the skin, and may cause early aging.

Blush Hack - _aaliaaaa

Blush Hack - _aaliaaaa | The Soorat

Next, is a very simple, super convenient blush technique brought to us by a Tik Tok user Aalia, based in London. You take two shades of blush, any will do but we suggest a combination of Essencethe blush and GuerlainRose Aux Joues Blush,’ as the pink tones complement each other well, and the textures allow them to thoroughly blend. Then you apply the lighter shade to the bottom half of the cheek, and the darker blush to the top half. Just a little bit of blending left and you are ready to go!

ESSENCE The Blush PKR 900
ESSENCE | The Blush | The Soorat

GUERLAIN Rose Aux Joues Blush PKR 7,850
GUERLAIN | Rose Aux Joues Blush | The Soorat
Eyeglasses Concealer Trend - leilanikeaa
@leilanikeaa Glasses concealer hack! 😭🤣 It actually worked though! What do you guys think of this hack? 💕 #concealerhack #concealer #tiktokhacks #beautyhacks ♬ original sound - tarte cosmetics

Leila Nikea, a Tik Toker from England uploaded the eyeglasses concealer trend and everyone loved it. An easy trick for all skin shades and types, this trick brightens your eye area instantly, knocking years off your age. Grab a shade of concealer that compliments your skin tone, we suggest Astra makeup’s Luminous Touch. The consistency is perfect, and it retains moisture, making it look natural. Once you have your concealer put a generous amount around your eyes and on the bridge of your nose, like glasses. Mix it all in and there you have it, a perfect lifted appearance, and a great base for the rest of your makeup

ASTRA MAKEUP Luminous Touch PKR 1,600
ASTRA MAKEUP | Luminous Touch | The Soorat

Apply Foundation with a Jade Roller - avonnasunshine
@avonnasunshine Answer @im_siowei thanks to everyone! #AEHolidayForever #viralvideo #fyp #makeuphack ♬ original sound - Avonna Sunshine
So we know it sounds weird, because jade rollers are normally used to massage your face, but Avonna Sunshine used hers to blend her foundation, and the hack obviously went viral. Initially she applies the concealer to certain parts of her face like her cheeks and forehead, she then uses the jade roller to blend it in. Amazingly, not only was the foundation evenly distributed, the roller also helps to shrink your pores, so the application was much smoother. There’s more, unlike a sponge or brush the roller doesn't absorb any of the product, which means less product equals more coverage, in this case.

Tried TikTok’s Jade Roller Foundation Hack | The Soorat

Pinching the bottom Lashes with tweezers

This last hack we picked up from the user Ipsy. Most people’s lower lashes  aren't very noticeable, a lot of time even mascara doesn’t help. But here’s a hack that will leave your bottom lashes looking extra long. Put some mascara on the edge of a pair of tweezers. Any mascara works here, the thicker the better, Astra makeup’s instacurls mascara gives your lashes that bounce, making sure they’re all flowing smoothly in the same direction. Then pinch a few bottom lashes together at a time, creating a thick dark, wide eyed effect. It’s definitely not the quickest hack, but some trends are worth it.

ASTRA MAKEUP InstaCurls Mascara PKR 1,000

ASTRA MAKEUP | InstaCurls Mascara | The Soorat

Even though we may not get to stare at ourselves for hours in the mirror, tweaking and blurring our faces anymore, we hope these hacks help you feel like your most beautiful self. Everyone reacts differently to different products so we urge everyone to be careful while trying these hacks at home!

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