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The Therapeutic Power Of Laughter

The Therapeutic Power Of Laughter

As a child did you ever laugh till your stomach hurt? You didn't know it at the time, but you were medicating yourself… The saying about laughter being the best medicine isn't a myth, it’s actually a fact. Laughing can help you mentally, physically and socially and we’re here to examine how and why.

Mental Medicine: 

When we have a good genuine laugh, we ease our anxieties and release all the tension within our mind. Happiness as an emotion has the power to overwhelm all other emotions. When happiness is at the forefront of our minds all other emotions take a back seat. 

Anger, depression, resentment and sadness are all extreme mental states that have the power to drive all your actions. Similarly happiness is the perfect counteractive mental state that has the power to change that mood, and give you a better alternate perspective. 

Additionally laughing helps you work better, by increasing your focus, productivity and memory. Of Course while you're laughing you may not feel productive, but once you’ve released that burst of positive energy it helps your mind become alert, and ready to work.

Physical Medicine:

Laughter doesn't just result in intangible benefits, there are plenty of physical benefits that come from this action as well!

When you laugh you are exerting more energy, which then increases your blood flow. Your circulation improves and so do your chances of not having a heart attack! 

Laughter boosts your immunity. Since everything in your body is connected it's no surprise that when you laugh more, less stress hormones are circulated within the body. In turn, your immune cells improve and so do infection fighting antibodies! Laughing more may be what helps you fight off that cold!

Another vital physical benefit of laughter is the decreased perception of pain. Everyone has a different tolerance for pain, and this tolerance may be tweaked by adding laughter into the mix. Your pain receptors get confused by your pleasure receptors, which are connected to laughter, making your pain filled experience less painful.

Social Medicine: 

If everyone laughed more, we wouldn't have as many issues as a society. Laughter and smiles bring people together and strengthen relationships. When we’re happier, more people are attracted to that happiness and vice versa. Like a yawn, laughter is contagious and spreads amongst individuals. Give it a try, and watch people gravitate towards you. 

Laughter enhances teamwork and builds trust amongst colleagues. Everyone feels like they’re participating in an emotion together, which makes them feel closer to one another. By promoting group bonding through laughter, productivity often increases, and people work as a unit. 

Laughing also helps diffuse tension and conflict. The action helps you forgive people more easily, by removing doubts and criticism, you let go of defensiveness and power through together.


As children we laugh wholeheartedly, without a care in the world. We foster deep emotional connections through this laughter, allowing us to trust more. Unfortunately as we grow older, the laughter dies. Life becomes too serious and issues seem more important. But the fact is, life is short. Bring back the laughter that makes your stomach hurt. It truly is the best medicine, and the best part is, it's free.

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