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The Skinny on Shapewear

The Skinny on Shapewear

The struggle of finding flattering shapewear is one that every woman can relate to . Labels like small, medium and large exist- but when it comes to our bodies, there is no one size fits all. There are about as many body types as people in the world- and they’re all beautiful. Shapewear isn’t about changing yourself - it’s about finding the most flattering fit for you. 

Shapewear can be very empowering for women, particularly mothers, as they find it helps them address body insecurities like loose skin, sagging or lumps and bumps that can appear from weight gain,loss or just normal aging. Shapewear can improve the silhouette and give clothes a more flattering fit while avoiding visible panty lines. You can purchase shapewear to sculpt your body even further, such as padded underwear or waist cinchers.

The popularity of support garments is only rising, with brands like Spanx, Maidenform and Kim Kardashian’s SKIMs line pulling in millions of dollars in sales yearly. And with clothing styles increasingly becoming for form-fitting, it might be a good call to have a few trustworthy shapewear staples in your boudoir for every occasion.

Here’s an all inclusive guide to making the best purchase you can!

  • Embrace Your Size  

  • The key to making a worthy investment is being realistic . If you go into a shop and pick a size that is too small or too large, you’ll only feel uncomfortable and disappointed when you wear it, because it won’t fulfill its purpose. Too small- it’ll lead to bulges and only make your clothing look ill-fitted, and too large: it won’t give you the shape you’re looking for. Try on a few pieces before making a decision! In general, your shapewear should feel snug but not restrictive.

  •  Focus on Material 

  • Shapewear made from high quality material, with expert tailoring will last you a long time- but be aware of the type of fabric in use. If a piece has higher nylon content, and feels generally weighty with compressed areas , it will be a more snug and transforming fit. If the fabric is more lightweight, it won’t be as heavy duty. 

  •  Go for a High Waist 

  • High waisted shorts can create a smooth line running up to the torso, and form the illusion of slimness. 

  • Find a multipurpose garment 

  • Instead of wearing shapewear under tights (which is guaranteed to make them slip), look for shapewear that fulfills the function of cinching in your waist and thighs, while acting as tights.

  • Opt for a full body suit

  • A full body suit will save you the trouble of looking for two seperate pieces, and create the same, sculpted effect from head to toe! A body sculptor is great for tighter formal wear and many are designed to accommodate for low necklines.


  • Think about the weather

  • Most shapewear is made out of nylon or synthetic fabric, which helps retain body heat in winter months- however, considering our local weather, which is primarily sunny, search for shapewear made of cotton or breathable fabric to avoid discomfort and sweating! 

    Have you tried shapewear before and do you have any favorite styles or brands? And for more information on the best undergarments, check out our blog on Bra Shopping Basics

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