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Practice Manifestation Post Ramadan

Practice Manifestation Post Ramadan

During this Holy month of Ramadan, manifesting becomes more tangible than usual without all the typical frivolous distractions of life. When those around us collectively practice mindfulness and self reflection it allows many of us to shed our busy schedules and follow suit. Ramadan naturally steers us to turn inwards and to pay attention to our subconscious.  It is this very stillness that emerges from this blessed month of Ramand and its power to ground us in our own spirituality, that gives us the first  tool of manifestation:

The clarity to focus on our duas, practice gratitude and realize our hopes and expectations in life.

For those of you who are not spiritually inclined, manifesting sounds like a far off idea, or almost out of your reach. Having said that, everyone has at some time, manifested in their life, consciously or not. Many global cultures and religions such as Hermeticism, Transcendentalism and Hinduism, also support this core SPIRITUAL idea of manifestation: 

That we are beings powerful enough to control our own lives. Everything negative and positive are all outcomes that we ourselves attract and create.

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Sitting silent in reflection is almost half a part of the manifestation.
It’s not about chai tea lattes and yoga pants and it's definitely not about ‘being woke’. It's about knowing what you truly want from this life, and where you see yourself.  Re-examine your surroundings, and keep asking the important questions.


Manifesting is deep, self healing, self loving and self reflection. While you work on yourself and focus inwards, the rest of the universe will align with you and your thoughts will eventually become your reality.

The quote below by Neville Goddard is a great way to start practicing the art of manifestation. 

Neville Goddard Power & Wisdom | The Soorat

Here is a video from Oprah to inspire you to explore this powerful and self realizing tool for yourself.

Next month we will also get more into the laws of manifestation as the beginnings of our series of articles in spirituality. Share your own thoughts and reflections on spirituality and instances on how you may have used manifestation to realize your hopes and aspirations. The Soorat Sedit is a safe space to share your stories and celebrate your journeys.

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