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Summer Haircare Rituals For Hijabis

Summer Haircare Rituals For Hijabis

Hair has always been associated with beauty, and covering one's hair is mostly seen as a religious practice. Haircare and hijab together, in the same sentence, seem like a contradiction; as the hijab draws so much controversial attention, the hair beneath that hijab is often forgotten. But the women wearing these hijabs don’t love their hair any less than you. To honor their spiritual beliefs does not mean they should shun their own beauty standards. 

While a hijab can help you protect your hair from heat damage, it may unfortunately also ruin your hair in various ways, depending on how the hijab is worn. If the scarf is too tight, your hair may produce excess oil, killing your hair follicles. If untreated, clumps of hair may begin to fall out, and your hair becomes rougher. Apart from greasy roots and frizzy ends, Hijabis also struggle with alopecia. 

Here at the Soorat beauty is not a compromise, there are plenty of influential women who wear their hijabs proudly, while flaunting a beautiful head of hair underneath. We want to highlight some of these hair care regimes, while shedding light on important products in our store, to nourish the hair beneath the scarf. 

Halima Aden

Halima Aden | The Soorat

Halima Aden blew the world away by becoming the first ever hijabi-model to be spotted at New York fashion week. This star wore her hijab proudly emphasizing the coexistence of beauty and spirituality. As a hijabi Halima struggled to volumize and nourish her hair. However, after using VIRTUE Virtue Restorative Treatment Mask she felt confident enough to walk the runway.  This mask is the ideal solution for lifeless, and damaged hair. It works well for every hair type while its chemical-free properties leave the hair feeling silkier and smoother. Once you rinse it off with shampoo, make sure your hairs dry before wrapping it up again. 

VIRTUE Virtue Restorative Treatment Mask PKR 3,000

VIRTUE | Restorative Treatment Mask | The Soorat

2. Mariah Idrissi

Mariah Idrissi | The Soorat

Next we have Mariah Idrissi, a British public figure who resumed her career as a hijabi model and a filmmaker. Unfortunately Mariah’s hijab led to a traumatic hair thinning experience. As a result she began using VIVISCAL Professional Thin to Thick Shampoo which luckily for her, changed the game. The process didn’t happen overnight, reviving your hair is a long journey, and you have to be dedicated enough to want it. 

Viviscal’s shampoo deeply cleanses the scalp  resulting in new hair growth. Formulated with biotin, collagen, and keratin this product played a vital role in Mariah’s hair growth. Try this professional thin-to-thick hair care collection and see the results for yourself. 

VIVISCAL Professional Thin to Thick Shampoo PKR 5,780

VIVISCAL | Professional Thin to Thick Shampoo | The Soorat

3. Sufeeya Godson

Sufeeya Godson | The Soorat

Saufeeya Godson is a fashion blogger, bridging the gap between the east and west. Her multicultural background allows her to protect her spiritual identity while dominating the world of fashion. 

Her fashion blog @hijabfashion represents women unwilling to compromise between their culture and their opinions. Sufeeya struggles with dandruff and damaged hair, like countless other hijabi women. Kiehl’s amino acid shampoo is the ideal solution for dandruff formed by hijabs. This Acid Shampoo deeply cleanses, and smooths your hair. Amino acid is a building block to promote hair growth making this product uniquely distinct. We guarantee it will change your perception of using shampoo. 

Follow her for more updates. 



4.  Nida Siddiq

Nida Siddiq | The Soorat

An influential blogger and mother of three kids, who gives great hair care advice for hijabis is Nida Siddiq. As the creative head behind her personal blog @naturallynida, she mostly speaks about hair loss issues and fitness goals. Excessive sweating after a calorie burning workout can make your hair stinky and oily and a smelly scalp is everyone’s worst nightmare. Nida’s solution is MILKSHAKE Sensorial Mint Shampoo. This product leaves your hair feeling fresh and clean. Its long lasting scent makes it a must-have product for any hijab wearer, especially fitness freaks! 

MILKSHAKE Sensorial Mint Shampoo PKR 2,794

MILKSHAKE | Sensorial Mint Shampoo | The Soorat

5. Yakubu Shiella

Yakubu Shiella | The Soorat

The last blogger we’re going to mention is Yakubu Shiella, a Ghanaian digital content creator, and a stunning influencer, whose got all the new trends down. She is a passionate hijabi blogger who always has something new to share @vielung_ while also running her business page @_undercover_events. She has frequently discussed the issues behind alopecia and receding hairlines. Her solution is Toppik Hair Building Fibers which fix her hairline instantly while giving her lush, fuller-looking hair. The combination with Keratin protein makes it an ideal solution for hairfall. 

After showering, dry your hair naturally, and then apply Toppik Hair Building Fibers close to the hairline. You can then brush your hair normally and style it however you want. 

TOPPIK Hair Building Fibers PKR 4,890

TOPPIK | Hair Building Fibers | The Soorat

Other Treatments 

If none of the above methods work and you’ve left your hair untreated for too long, don’t lose hope. There are more expensive, invasive treatments that will definitely work. Apart from Keratin, Scalp and hot oil treatments you may have to have a hair transplant. One well known center is the
 Hairage Hair Transplant Clinic whose expertise is hair loss surgery, more specifically the FUE hair transplants. Unlike all other FUE systems, HairAge FUE uses a 0.8mm punch for graft extraction, causing minor scarring in the donor area, which is not visible to the naked eye. The minimal scarring makes this treatment ideal for Hijab worn-down hair.  


Just because someone’s hair is not on display for the world, it does not mean it should be given less attention. Hijab wearers often need to take extra care of their hair, as it is covered all day. These treatments can be used to maintain thick, lush hair while still wearing that Hijab like a crown on your head. No one should have to compromise between beauty and faith.

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