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Stand Out From The Crowd: Henna Designs For Eid-Ul-Fitr 2022

Stand Out From The Crowd: Henna Designs For Eid-Ul-Fitr 2022

Henna is an ancient tradition of body painting, done with a powder, which is made from dried leaves and mixed water, to create a paste. Typically, henna is used as an adornment in South Asian cultures, to mark a special occasion such as eid celebrations or weddings for instance, which are often incomplete without Henna application on the hands and or feet.  Today, henna has crossed cultural borders and become a universal form of body art and stylistic expression.

With Eid around the corner, we’ve decided to select some stylish henna designs for all the varied body art lovers out there.  You can use these designs as a reference or create your own! But remember to share a pic with us.

The Délicate

This design encompasses beautiful artistry combined with a keen use of negative space.  By connecting the dots and lines, geometric shapes are achieved that keeps the eyes moving across the intricate design. The balanced open space only enhances the visual effect of this design.  ‘The delicate’ has its own irresistible charm and beauty. A perfect choice if you want to flaunt a strong yet sophisticated Eid look.

The delicate | The Soorat

The Contemporary 

This design tends to be flowy and curvy, with a lot of paisley, and it's in fashion everywhere. Additionally, the pattern is merged with flowers across the palms and down each finger. A little detailing goes a long way with ‘the contemporary.  The beauty of this design lies in the precision of the art and an overall choice to go with the less is more effect. Copycat hands are a big no no for the contemporary soul.

The Traditional

This traditional henna pattern is filled with spaces and gaps. Bold borders and lines are artistically, strategically placed in order to reflect a familiar traditional ethos. The beautiful patterns combined with bands and vines results in a classy, traditional look that goes well with any type of Eastern ensemble. Execute with a very light stroke to stand out in the crowd.

The Lace Glove

The lace glove is another motif of henna. This lush lace glove pattern, imitates lace on your hands. While the top and bottom of the pattern is more intricate, the middle is more spread out, and simple. A handful of florals connect the lace to the edges and vines on fingers, telling a beautiful visual narrative.

The Lace Glove | The Soorat

Everything And The Kitchen Sink

Who says a girl can’t go for an OTT Henna look. This heavy henna design may not be the Soorat’s Sedit own vibe but we always love watching the arm candy or art in this case on all the bold and beautiful girls around us while we silently hum “my desi girl”  From geometric weaves to floral imprints this look can be made to look maddeningly beautiful and crazy in the hands of the skilled henna artist. Try it and share a pic with us today.

Everything and the kitchen sink | The Soorat

Rihanna’s Iconic Henna Ink Tattoo

Going way back when Madonna used to rock edgy henna art / mehndi designs on her hands in the 90’s, henna art has only continued to be embraced from celebrities like Rihanna and Vanessa Hudgens and many more have proved that henna art is as cool as permanent tattoos.

Rihanna Iconic Henna Ink Tattoo | The Soorat

Even though Riri’s tattoo was done with needles and ink, it definitely has a henna-vibe to it. This design replicates tribal looking patterns, and geometric shapes. The combination of arrows, ones and asymmetrical markings, are a symbol of love and strength.

Rihanna tattoo | The Soorat

The Minimalist

Straying from the swirls and flowers, this edgy straight line design is fuss free. Simple, linear and to the point, this unique henna design is stylish and ultra minimal. Its intriguing pattern is simple yet unique, making the perfect choice for someone who has a strong artistic soul and yet wants to stand out from the crowd.

The Minimalist | The Soorat

Aesthetic Vibe
The Aesthetic Vibe may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this airy light vibe is made from the same stuff as the stars, soft flowers and ethereal butterflies. Fly and shine like one and present yourself differently from the conventionalists out there. Check out for a wide range of starry styles and designs.

Aesthetic Vibe | The Soorat


This simple, minimalist design captures a tribal essence. The basic, simplistic shapes highlight the length of your fingers, or any nail art you may have creating a dainty, versatile look. A perfect option for an understated, unique design.


Get ready for chand raat and the hustle bustle of eid with these interesting, beautiful henna designs. Get your creative juices flowing or go back to tradition with any of these styles. Let us know in the comments, which one you like the most.

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