Best Skincare Routines For Fresh, Fantastic Skin This Eid at The Soorat
Skincare Routines For Fresh, Fantastic Skin This Eid

Skincare Routines For Fresh, Fantastic Skin This Eid

It's time to get your skin rehydrated, and ready for the Eid ul Fitr 2022 festivities. Apart from eating healthy and resting, there’s a lot you can do to achieve healthy, glowing skin. While consistency is key in skincare routines, here are short AM and PM routines to help you get your skin Eid ready, in the amount of time we have left!


Cosmedix | Purity Clean Exfoliating Cleanser

Purity Clean Exfoliating Cleanser | The Soorat

As you stand in the mirror and begin your night time routine, use a cleanser to remove all the dirt and impurities that have built up throughout the day. Purity Clean is an Exfoliating Cleanser that deeply penetrates the skin, working to remove all the embedded dirt and dead skin. After the first step of your routine you’ll already have a softer, more radiant complexion.

ORLANE | Dual Grain Scrub

ORLANE Dual Grain Scrub | The Soorat

Once you have a clean, fresh base, without makeup, start using a scrub to exfoliate the skin. Gently create a lather and begin scrubbing your face in slow circular movements. We love ORLANE Dual Grain Scrub, a plant based, non invasive scrub. While detoxifying the skin this grain scrub simultaneously revitalizes your skin.

Peter Thomas Roth8% Glycolic Solutions Toner

8% Glycolic Solutions Toner | The Soorat

A crucial aspect of this nighttime routine for glowing glam skin is toner. Toner is a must have to rebalance the skins Ph Levels before any other products are applied.  PETER THOMAS ROTH 8% Glycolic Solutions Toner does not only tone and even out your skin, it reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores. The combination of Aloe Vera and Chamomile produce a soothing, anti irritant effect, leaving your skin feeling smooth and calm.

Fresh | Rose Face Mask

Fresh | Rose Face Mask | The Soorat

Facemasks should not be an everyday habit, however on special days, it definitely adds a special something to your skin. A fresh, classic face mask is Rose Face Mask. Cucumber and Aloe vera are used to calm the skin, while particular teas brighten the skin tone. A perfect product for a night in and self care skincare routine. 

THALGO | Sleeping Cream Night Time Recovery

Sleeping Cream Night Time Recovery | The Soorat

Lastly before you finally stretch out onto your bed, grab some night cream to give your skin that extra kick for the morning. Throw it on as cream or use it as an overnight mask if you're too lazy to take it off. Hyderate, restore and soothe your face before bed, and get some shut eye before your morning skincare routine!


After a nice night of rest you need to get your skin looking fresh and fabulous, to take on the day and prep for eid skin. When eid falls in summer, we need moisture, moisture and more moisture.

Ole Henriksen | Banana Bright Vitamin C Serum

Ole Henriksen | Banana Bright Vitamin C Serum | The Soorat

Start by brightening up that skin. An amazing all vegan, cruelty free product is Banana Bright Vitamin C Serum. This extreme high concentration of vitamin C brightens and firms the skin, while protecting it against pollution. After the first step in your morning routine your skin will already be thanking you. The addition of hyaluronic acid makes this serum and unbeatable option. 

Ole Henriksen | Counter Balance™ Oil Control Hydrator

Ole Henriksen | Counter Balance™ Oil Control Hydrator | The Soorat

Next we have our first layer of moisturizer, or in this case a hydrator. You want the first moisturizer so be a thin natural layer, so you can then begin layering your products. We suggest Counter Balance™ Oil Control Hydrator, a natural blend of potent and active botanicals. Maintain a healthy balance between hydration and oil control with this complex green fusion.

Peter Thomas Roth | Camu Camu Power Cx30 Vitamin C Brightening Moisturizer

Camu Camu Power Cx30 Vitamin C Brightening Moisturizer | The Soorat

You can never have too much moisture on your skin. Moisturizing and hydrating is one of the most vital steps to achieve glowing, healthy skin. Camu Camu Power Cx30 Vitamin C Brightening Moisturizer has anti aging peptides, vitamin E, vitamin A and a whole bunch of other good stuff. Nourish and rehydrate your skin, while evening out your skin tone.

VICHY | Capital Soleil Velvety Face Sun Cream SPF 50+

Capital Soleil Velvety Face Sun Cream SPF 50+ | The Soorat

Last but not least we have our trusted sunblock. More than being part of your beauty routine, sunblock helps defend the skin from harmful UV rays. You must apply sunblock every morning, even on cloudy days. VICHY Capital Soleil Velvety Face Sun Cream SPF 50+ is designed especially for the face. Suitable for sensitive skin and Enriched with Vichy mineralizing thermal water, this sunblock protects your skin from UVA and UVB rays.

Single Giving Relationship Advice MEME 😂 | The Soorat


Enjoy these last few peaceful days, before the hustle bustle of reality resumes. Pamper your skin and enjoy some self care with these two easy routines. As you apply your mehndi and pick out your jhumkas on chaand raat don't forget to do a little something for your skin too! We hope this was helpful and happy almost eid! 

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