By Ayesha Ali.

   There isn’t anything as classic yet edgy, bold but elegant, or confidence exuding as the iconic red lip. From the tapis rouge to a night out with your best girlfriends, the red lip is empowering, fun and the perfect fit for any woman no matter skin tone, face shape, hair color or lip type. From the screen sirens of the golden age of Hollywood like Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe, to the graceful tones of Malika- e- Taranum Noor Jahan’s escaping a rogue stained pout…

Darling, who ever said “diamonds are forever” certainly wasn’t acquainted with the red lip. So, here’s our take on red, from our lips to yours, sealed with a kiss…

The red lip is an ever present image of the strong, sultry woman who knows exactly what she wants. It is iconic in depicting women of beauty, power and even patriotism, with the famous Victory Red lipstick. For over two thousand years the red lip has been a staple in every woman’s beauty bag, dating back to the original ‘Yas!! Queen!!’ herself Cleopatra, her exotically pigmented Carmine red lips withstanding the tests of time and proving that in world of trends and fads the red lip is indeed here to stay.

A symbol of the independent woman, it became fashionable in the silent movies of the 1930’s where it was worn in Cupid shaped fashion. It graced many beauties of the time who wore a rich red lip with opulence of a ruby shimmer- and see, that is the beauty of a red lip, today the red lip is a tint on a young girl experimenting with makeup for the first time, a bold, over lined matte on the Kardashian you love to hate, it is the timeless, elegance on the lips of your favorite star from yesteryear, or your go to gloss to energize you on that special night out.

Today we see the red lip as the portrait of a fierce and driven woman; a symbol of independence and confidence. I believe it has empowered women through the ages, certainly not excluding myself! There are hundreds of beautiful colours, textures, shades and hues of red out there which will give you that splendid red pout! Red is for everyone and any occasion; one of my favourites is the #rimmelvelvetlip #firestarter with its beautiful mousse like consistency, it’s your lips’ best friend on that long evening out, making sure they stay hydrated and perfect without reapplication for up to 9 hours! Another classic red is the Mac red #rubywoo retro matte finish, perfectly paired with slightly over lined lips if you wish to achieve that full, Marilynesque pout, that is so sought after today.

Diamonds maybe a girl’s best friend but who said there was only room for one- in a world where a woman can strive for, achieve and dream up so much there is certainly room for more- move over diamonds, the red lip is coming along with us, and she isn’t going anywhere for a long, long time.

Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint (Uncensored)

Rihanna’s first red lipstick under her Fenty Beauty label is not only universally flattering, but once you swipe it on, the matte formula will last until you decide to wipe it off at the end of the night.

Maybelline New York Color Show Matte Lipstick in (Ruby Twilight)

This pigmented formula is considered the go-to drugstore dupe for so many other designer red lipsticks and chosen by people of every skin tone.


Perhaps the most famous red lipstick of them all, MAC’s much-loved Ruby Woo is extra matt, extra red and lasts the whole night long.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in (Psycho)

A bright Red hue with a modern matt finish, Urban Decay’s Heat Wave really pops on dark skin, paired with nothing but a coat or two of mascara on the eyes.

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