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Sedit Style Crush: Emaan Suleman

Sedit Style Crush: Emaan Suleman

By Minahil Gillani.

Every generation has a style icon: someone who embodies the aesthetic of their era, and if there had to be a vibe for 2020- it would be someone witty, chic, edgy, casually androgynous and a little rebellious. Models are often accused of fitting into a cookie-cutter mould of perfection- and are often turned (unfairly) into airhead caricatures. No one, could, however, accuse Eman Suleman of this - her beauty is matched by an acerbic sense of humour, and a totally unique sense of style. Here’s some style inspiration from the it-girl of our times- and a few lessons you can take away from her best looks.

 1.  The Fine Print


a bold, zebra print high neck shirt- and a berry coloured lip: an unlikely marriage, but Eman makes it work.

    2. Get Abstract

A soft fringe, subtle blush, a graphic line art t-shirt paired with a colourful trouser and wide belt- the perfect, cheeky buttoned-down look for when you want to be fashionable- but without looking like you tried too hard!

     3.   PTV, but make it fashion

Eman doesn’t shy away from desi clothes- but she definitely shakes up things with fun, personalized twists- from the barrettes, dusty pink lip to the amber necklace, with a fun, tie-dyed dupatta. It just goes to show, traditional doesn’t have to mean boring!

      4.   Never Enough Cheetah Print

Look, I know the cheetah print has been famously usurped by elderly cougars- and is considered a fashion passé in most circles- but Eman proves that it can be reworked into casual loungewear- just pair it with your favourite pair of sneakers, and tousled hair!

        5.  Mix and Match

  Look, we’ve all been there; it’s laundry day, and half of your clothes are in the wash- and nothing you have left hanging in your closet seems to agree with each other. Luckily, Eman proves that a distressed muscle tee, a printed shalwar, some old khussas, and a shiny anklet can make for a pretty quick fashion fix!

      6.  Shine Bright Like a Diamond

A small peak at Eman’s socials can tell you that she’s no stranger to holographic fashion- but she takes it over the edge by pair a holo leotard with a bedazzled blazer- and reels it back in with the most delicate necklace and teardrop earrings. It’s all about balance.

         7.  The Big Chop

Does anyone remember what they were doing when the news of Eman Suleman’s buzzed hair reached them? It was a shock- but a good one! It cemented her place as a fashion leader, not a follower. Paired with a warm contour, nude lip, smokey eye, and silver choker- this look can only be described in one word. Iconic.

      8.  The Engagement Look

Eman’s whirl-wind engagement to her now-husband sparked a great deal of scandal- but it wasn’t about the wedding- it was about her hair! However, her fresh pixie cut, paired with a classic, embroidered yellow dupatta is, in my opinion- one of the most important wedding fashion statements of our time.

          9.  Rebel Red

Eman sported a classic red for her wedding- but picked a rich, wine colour, with an embellished open coat, and a lehenga- paired with a matching lip, and traditional jewellery- a statement Matha Patti, with a cheeky swooped curl on her forehead- I’m still sad I wasn’t invited!

          10.   All the Colours of The Rainbow

All dolled up for her big-day in Zara Shahjahan- this look can only be described as angelic and otherworldly- the bronzed glow, the soft pink lip, and jewellery- plus the incredibly detailed ghota- there’s seriously a tear in my eye. She never misses the mark.

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