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Secret To A Perfect DIY French Manicure

Secret To A Perfect DIY French Manicure

Asma Qadri.

Let us tell you a secret! Yes, it’s easy to score a salon-worthy manicure right in the comfort and luxury of your own house. What you do need to do is to invest in a solid French
manicure kit, follow our steps below and your nails are good to go! 

This kit is perfect for salon results at home in four easy steps and comes with white tip guides and easy-to-follow instructions that ensure a flawless French Manicure every time.

A good mantra to follow for any nail care routine is: 

  • Trim,
  • Shape
  • Push
  • Buff
  • Apply  

Step 1: Trim for perfection

If your nails are uneven, then trim them to your desired length. But, DON’T trim them too short, as the basics for a french manicure are long nails

Step 2: Shape to enhance the look

Do you like round nails or square shaped nails? Well, get a filer and get shaping those nails the way you want. For us, squaoval shape always works.


Step 3: Push your cuticles 

Invest in a working cuticle pusher (or you can use an orangewood stick) and get to work. Be extremely gentle and treat your nails as your very own babies. If there is any dirt or debris stuck under your nails, then use the opposite end of the cuticle pusher to remove it.

Step 4: Buff for that extra shine 

You want everything to dazzle, especially your nails! Before you apply your nail-polish, get your hands on a buffer and buff the top of your nails. This step should be followed by a simple massage of cuticle oil on top of your nails. 

Step 5: Time to paint on your base coat 

The moment of complete joy is finally here! Paint on a thin layer of your base coat, and let is dry for a few minutes. 

Pro-tip: Keep your hands in front of a table fan for the base coat to dry faster.

Step 6: Carefully paint your white french tips 

If you were good at drawing lines in Grade 4, then this should be pretty easy as well. If not, then get nail guides to get pain-free white-tips. However, if you don’t have these available then take your brush, and lightly apply white color on top of your tips creating a smiley face. Let this dry on your tips, and then proceed with a second coat.

Step 7 : Top coat your nails

To finish it all off, and achieve a breath-taking result- apply a top coat of polish. Allow this to dry for a couple of minutes. Woohoo! You have now done your own french manicure. 


The secret to a perfect french manicure is to be consistent. Even the ladies at your favorite spas and parlors do not learn the tricks behind it in a day. You need to practise and keep on trying for those gorgeous nails! 



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