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Perfect Bath Soaks For At Home Selfcare

Perfect Bath Soaks For At Home Selfcare

By Minahil Gillani

In this time pandemic induced mass panic, uncertainty and social isolation- most of us find ourselves in a perpetual state of house arrest. So, why not think of this break from your usual routine as an opportunity for caring for yourself, focusing on self improvement, and relaxing ? In fact, what better way than to unwind than through the most intimate human ritual of all- bath-time !

Now, while most of us opt for a shower, I would like to declare that a shower can never match the same feeling of spa-like bliss as a bathtub. You don’t have to invest in a complicated bath bomb or a fancy bubble bath in order to have a luxurious bath; in fact, there are tons of things in your kitchen cabinet that could probably be a better substitute!

For Baby-soft skin

Add two tablespoons of sea salt, a teaspoon of baking soda, a teaspoon of olive oil and a sprig of rosemary to warm water- no, you’re not making a loaf of bread! This bath with just a handful of ingredients will leave your skin feeling surprisingly soft

The Spa-Treatment

For this luxury bath, add one-fourth of a cup of Epsom salts (available at most pharmacies), the same amount  of sea-salt, and some seaweed powder (available at any specialty store) and any essential oil of your choice ( I prefer lavender!) to a warm bath, and lay in it for 30 minutes- you’ll emerge brand new.

 For Pain Relief

Add some oregano oil, argon oil - and if you’re feeling like a queen , add a few drops of milk too, to a warm bath. This bath is perfect if you’re suffering from joint pain- you’ll feel instant relief.

 A Citrus Boost

Mix 500 ml of coconut oil, a cup of Epsom Salts and 5 drops of orange oil in a container- and use it as a gentle, exfoliating scrub before your bath- keep the mixture on for 15 minutes before fully rinsing yourself for greater effect.

 For the Insomniacs

Add a few chamomile tea bags, a few drops of lavender and cedar wood oil, and a few tablespoons of warm milk to a hot bat- soak in it for 20 minutes, but try not to fall asleep in the bath. 

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