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Pay It Forward: 3 Amazing NGO’s You Can Support This Women's Day

Pay It Forward: 3 Amazing NGO’s You Can Support This Women's Day

It’s 2022 and even now, women around the world are still fighting to be treated equally, to be heard and to be respected. We are highlighting 4 amazing causes that have made the great strides in using their voice, their resources, and their public platform in creating lasting and meaningful change around the region. You can help us by donating to any of the above causes paving the way for women everywhere this women’s day!

Cause 1: Hamian-e-Banovan-e-Sharif Forum - Iran 

Let’s begin with the Hamian-e-Banovan-e-Sharif Forum, a charity organization located in Iran. Until very recently domestic violence was considered a household squabble, unfortunately in various islamic states it oftentimes still is. Many women are unable to leave their abusive spouses, as they have nowhere else to turn, and divorce is ultimately frowned upon. Irani government statistics claim around 66% of all Irani women have experienced some form of domestic violence at least once in their life. (Radio Zamaneh 2018). Additionally 27.7% of those women have not been allowed to participate in employment, education, or have a social life. They’re basically prisoners in their own homes. 

How does it help women? 

Since its inception in 2013 the charity has worked tirelessly to provide support services to victims of domestic abuse, within Iran. They offer a range of services and skill based training including embroidery and sewing classes, which aims to promote self employment and independence for the women. By providing free counseling and health checks for the women, the Sharif Forum aims to rehabilitate domestic violence victims.

Cherie Blair Foundation - Lebanon | The Soorat

Cause 2: Cherie Blair Foundation - Lebanon 

The next super worthy women’s cause we’re looking at is the Cherie Blair foundation for women, based in lebanon. This foundation supports women economically, by working to remove entrepreneurial restraints and allow these women to flourish into the best bosses they can be. 

How does it help women? 

Many women across Lebanon face sexist laws, resulting in their inability to get loans or own properties, making it almost impossible to launch formal, functioning businesses. By offering a variety of local training and coaching methods this foundation creates projects allowing women to relearn and restructure their businesses accordingly. 

By working alongside key financial institutions this foundation tries to remove barriers so that  women may more easily access financial services. The women's economic empowerment project in Lebanon has recently led to 50 women receiving extensive training, out of which 60% accessed loans, creating 46 new jobs. That’s 46 more than before! This foundation works hard to create stronger business women, by giving every woman equal opportunities.

Mama Baby Fund Pakistan | The Soorat

Cause 3: Mama Baby fund - Pakistan 

One foundation we have to mention literally works on miracles, the miracle of life to be more specific. The Mama  Baby fund founded in 2015 is an amazing cause that works towards alleviating the financial burden of labor on the underprivileged mothers of Pakistan.

While many mothers still give birth in their homes, due to lack of funds their newborns suffer infant mortality. Neha Mankani, the founder of The Mama Baby fund noticed this when she joined Lady Dufferin Hospital in Karachi. After various instances of patients' families being unable to pay the most basic hospital bills, she knew something had to be done. 

How does it help women? 

There were so many women around her from disadvantaged backgrounds who didn't plan for emergencies, “I often meet people who are in very desperate situations because of unanticipated emergencies.” Neha told Tribune. So she set up a fund to contribute however she could. This fund distributes supplies to new mothers and their babies, it facilitates labor for free, and supports any unseen complications these women have during and after child birth. 

Helping mothers birth their children is no easy feat, this heroic effort must be commended! 

Conclusion: what can you do? 

While you celebrate all the strong, worthy women this women's day, don’t forget the enterprises that support them! As a community these are exactly the kind of initiatives we need to work on together, to propel women, and in turn societies’ forward. Support women, and support the supporters of those women! To contact, or donate to any of the above causes please scroll down to the bottom of the article! Every cent counts.   

Hamian-e-Banovan-e-Sharif Forum - Iran


Cherie Blair Foundation - Lebanon

Mama/Baby fund - Pak

Donation details are as follows:

Title of account: Mama Baby Foundation

Ac # 1003-0981-083006-01-5

Bank Al Habib, Shahrah e Faisal branch

IBAN: PK89 BAHL 1003 0981 0830 0601

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