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4 Cult Fave Products You Need In Your Skincare Routine

4 Cult Fave Products You Need In Your Skincare Routine

By Minahil Gillani.

 You may have noticed in the past few months, dewy, “natural” makeup has made a triumphant return to the mainstream, with bloggers and influencers dropping their secret tips and tricks for glass-skin. But, let’s face it- the only way anyone can rock these minimal, sheer makeup looks is by already having perfect, clear skin. That’s why today I’ve taken the liberty of compiling our top 4, cult favourite products to kick-start your skin-care journey!

Caudalie Vinoperfect Essence

A brightening essence should be an essential part of your routine- this lightweight formula uses naturally derived salicylic acid to tighten your pores, draw out impurities, reduce discolouration, and improve skin texture. Best of all, it uses essential oils like lemongrass and rosemary to prevent future breakouts - talk about a 2 in 1!

Avene Very High Protection Cream SPF 50+


Still struggling to find the perfect SPF? While most sun-screens end up leaving a greasy white cast on your skin, this lightweight formula absorbs super-fast, and uses the most gentle ingredients to prevent skin irritation, and maximum sun protection!

 Dr Roebuck's Byron 2 in 1 Scrub + Mask


This dual-action product goes a long way- all you need to do is use it 2-3 times a week as a 10-minute mask - the jojoba beads in it allow for gentle, non-abrasive exfoliation. The best part? It also has grapefruit and peppermint extract that make it smell as good as it feels!

 Erno Laszlo Phelityl Night Cream


Every girl needs a holy grail moisturizer- this one may just make you a believer! It’s lightweight, doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily, matches your exact skin pH level, and restores fatty acids to the skin leaving it feeling supple and soft. It’s also sulphate free- and only uses the best, naturally extracted raw ingredients.

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