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Nail Art Trends To Have This Autumn On Your Radar

Nail Art Trends To Have This Autumn On Your Radar

Biggest nail trends predictions from Nail Artists or Nail Art trends to have this Autumn on your radar

Autumn's arriving any minute and to get a kickstart on our nails, we checked out our favorite nail artists to see what they think are the top trend predictions for next season. Weather you're more of a mani minimalist nail or you want something that screams statement!!!, there is something this season for all of you. 

So, if you want to swot up (and jump in) early, here's the nail art trends to have on your radar...

     1. Dark French

Tone down your basic french manicure by dressing up the tips of your nails in a grungy black shade.

This Dark French has a gothic minimalist factor that your grungy child or you can embrace on a mommy & daughter weekend nail date. 

Pair with your crisp white office shirts and some pearls and switch into a leather jacket, with a tee. These nails will make you look Current and cool all at the same time. 

     2. Retro Swirls

Besides stars and heart designs, nail art has been reinvented in a variety of ways this season. Abstract nails are becoming more and more popular by the minute, and cool girls around the world are trying this design out.

Yay baby!!! These super groovy and playful nails have Instagram and Pinterest ablaze. You cant go wrong here with your color combinations and as long as you have some control over your  brush you can explore your inner Warhol in all manner of combinations.

    3. Chrome Details

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen the chrome nails trend rock the internet for the past few months. It’s one of the most popular and striking manicures that looks to revolutionize your nail game. Not only does it look gorgeous, striking, and luxurious, it’s actually uncomplicated and inexpensive to achieve! Chrome nails are a style that everyone who enjoys pretty and dazzling manicures should try at least once. There are a million and one ways to do chrome nails, so it is a trend that is bound to be loads of fun.

If the dark French has goth factor check out these rock chic metallic sets. These babies will get you noticed and on the front rows if beauty in no time!

     4. Negative Space

Nail art isn't going anywhere, but you don't have to cover each and every nail entirely in order to up your mani game. In fact, it's pretty cool to leave a little space. Plus, opting for a sophisticated and sleek negative-space nail design is just the update your basic manicure needs to feel new again. Negative space nail art relies on diverting the expected and gives nails a cool, futuristic feel we're totally embracing.

This the only kind of negativity we like at the Soorat. Sky is the limit with the colors, combos and shapes you play with. Just remember to leave a good amount of blank space to get the look right.

     5. Reverse Frenchie

The French Mani Is Back (But Not the Way You Remember It)!

The French mani is back, but we’re doing things differently this time around. The reverse French manicure, or half-moon manicure is based on the same principle as the classic French mani (painting your nails in two contrasting shades), only with this look, the bottom part of your nail is what gets to stand out. 

Yup there is such a thing and it’s taking IG by storm! You are gonna live live this look especially with a round set of nails. These crescent ends grab attention with their subtle sophisticated look.

    6. Snake Skin

Snake Nails have become the Latest Obsession to many these days. Snake nails are undeniably cool, even if your fear of snakes is still very much real. Painting a snake texture across your fingernails not only looks edgy, but has become the new mani in all salons.

Crock, Snapple and snake! These deadly nails are not for the faint hearted. We love them in all their endless looks and can’t wait for you to make us a nail tutorial with some great ASMR. Share a video of you making any of these nails for a chance tj be featured on our community pages.

Who knows maybe ine if our brands may want to send a little something to you!

    7. Mixed Matte

Another way to add interest is to mix up matte and gloss nails. Oh hello my fingers!  This look also works really well with all matte nails and one shimmer nail on your ring finger too

I mean how cool is it to wear your favorite colors with matte & shiny lacquer all at the same time. Try this in your gradient nails in literally any set of shades and you are golden.

We told ya! Neat, tidy and natural nails are being embraced by all pretend to not care upper east side divas who want clean and extremely groomed hands and nails. You need some good nail buffers & files and a natural coat or top coat to execute these ultra bare look.

    8. American Mani

This is a simple nail design mimicking your natural nails using a flesh- or cream-colored base and a nude or off-white tip.

The good old American mani is back with a bang. All you need is a great mani skills or an excellent nail aesthetician to give you the famous and polished American manicure.

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