By Shameneh Majid. 

  Do you find yourself in a day to day situations like these? Drawers overflowing, pouches refusing to zip up, cluttered cupboards, dusty wrecks of shelves and no place for storing your beloved makeup, especially when you have a truckload of it. We know it can be a living nightmare. We realize how it is like when you don’t even know what you own anymore, and can’t find the things you need at the time you are in need of them. They say that an organized cupboard is the key to an organized life so here are some of our smart hacks that you can follow to get yourself out of this mess. Start out by placing all your makeup items in a central space. A coffee table, your bed, wherever you can spread it out and look at all the products you own. Then, look through the things you don’t need, or the things that have expired so you can toss them out or maybe donate. Nobody needs three different liquid eyeliners, girl.

Sometimes less
truly is more.
Have a fun

Now, once you know the items you need, start by compartmentalizing. Sort everything into different categories: skincare, hair products, makeup etc. This way, you’ll know where do all these different products belong. Skincare products can be kept in your bathroom if you have cabinets and same goes for your hair products if your bathroom is where you do your styling.

If you own absolutely no storage items, it may be well worth your time to invest in some boxes, bins, standalone drawers, or racks that you can hang up without much hassle.

Once you’ve found the storage spaces, start organizing your items accordingly. For tubes, cylinders, cans, pencils (for your eyes, lips, eyebrows) and other items that need to be stored upright use old cups/mugs or a larger bin. Also, your brushes should be stored the same way too.

As for palettes, a smart thing about them is their stackability, especially if you have a shelf. Put your largest palette flat on your shelf and the smaller ones can be placed on top. Similarly, you can keep your blushes, highlighters, and lipsticks using your palette as a tray. Remember to be careful with the weight you place on it! Another alternative is to stack your palette upright against the wall of your cabinet or cupboard, leaving space for the rest of your items.

Make Stroage

Another great trick for when you don’t have a lot of closed spaces or multiple drawers to work with is getting separators or smaller boxes in which you can place your products. This helps declutter the minimal space you have and lets you see and access everything you own very easily.

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