By Simoneel Sidiki.

  In this issue of Soorat Scopes, I’d like to highlight SK-II, a brand that I myself was very dismissive of at first with its lackluster presence in the West and it's incredibly pricey options. In the vast array of Asian beauty counters with their contemporary high-tech packaging, this evasive Japanese brand simply wasn’t capturing my attention. What was interesting was almost every skincare specialist in their 20’s to their 40’s had something to say about this still somewhat mysterious brand. Most had no affiliation with this brand and worked at other top skincare brands themselves. In the end, their glistening skin and bright eyes at the very mention of SK-II made me listen.
Today I’ve come to love SK-II  enough to make some of these my own holy grail products and part of my very sacred skincare routine and to share my own thoughts on it with all of you. 

SK-II is a Japanese skincare powerhouse and a beauty company that has grown into one of Asia’s most prominent beauty brands. Little is known truly about SK-II as the brand keeps its overall ingredient intel quite secret. It’s recently trying to jump on the current pop culture brand wagon by introducing quirky and humorous campaigns with James Corden and Chloe Graze.

The story begins In the 1970s when some SK-II scientists were investigating the use of more naturally derived ingredients to compound a high performing skincare brand. A chance encounter with elderly workers at a sake brewery, they observed that they had aging wrinkled skin and yet smooth, clear, and extremely young-looking hands as a result of years of submerging them in the fermented yeast. They delved deeply to extract the power of this miraculous anti-aging byproduct and harnessed it through a yeast extraction process. This process led to compounding a patented ingredient named Pitera. ™ To understand SK-II and its hero products, you need to understand what it’s star ingredient, Pitera, really is.

Pitera is essentially a derivative of Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate (GFF). GFF is the hero ingredient in many Asian beauty products, touted for its ability to do everything from balancing uneven skin tone to fighting bacteria. This nutrient-dense yeast has been shown to improve sebum levels in oily skin, as well as brighten and tackle acne. Studies have also shown that GFF causes epidermal cells to produce hyaluronic acid, meaning it has great moisturizing properties. 

Listed down are some of the best-sellers of SK-II that are super effective and indeed worth the hype.

Facial Treatment Cleanser

Formulated with the signature ingredient Pitera, it is a light airy cream textured cleanser that not only removes impurities from the skin but reveals the radiance for a brighter and clearer complexion. With signature ingredient PITERA™ and skin-conditioning ingredients, this cleanser takes your skin to the next level of crystal clear. 

Facial Treatment Mask
This award-winning Japanese sheet mask is drenched in as much Pitera as 30 ml of Facial Treatment Essence and assures immediate results. This mask rapidly improves the texture by giving a boost of hydration to your skin, leaving it plumpy and all a- glowy. Just a few uses see your skin transform. Drenched with an exceptional concentration of Pitera, this mask takes your skin to the next level of crystal clear. 

R.N.A. Power Eye Cream

This luxurious eye cream is heaven in a bottle. It’s packed with conditioning ingredients in a silky easily absorbed texture, that nourishes and restores youthful smoothness and reduces the appearance of fine lines due to dryness. Its supercharged formula improves firmness from within locking the moisture. This is a perfect cream to use if you are someone who is irregular with eye creams and ideal for those who are smart enough to start this when they are young.  The little red pot is deceptive in its size as it can comfortably give you six months of the best eye care you need. 

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence:

SK II launched with this hero product and today this Facial Treatment Essence is a global bestseller best known for its transformative powers. This is a product for many star-studded celebrities across the world.  At its core, it's a Pitera Essence that is also referred to as ‘ Miracle water '' because of its magical balancing properties. It contains up to 90% of Pitera and is one of the best sellers in the Essence market, selling a bottle globally every 2 secs. This facial treatment essence is a lightweight liquid that quickly absorbs into the skin, unlike other thicker serums and essences. Remember to pat this essence on your face vs wasting it on a cotton swab. I’ve used it consistently for a few months now and can’t comment enough of how well balanced my skin feels. This is an essence to embrace if you want to simply preserve your skin and slow the signs of aging. It’s brutally expensive and we know that it will hurt the bank but this is really the mother of all essences out there.  

SK-II has propelled the power of Pitera to spearhead a whole system of skincare and no wonder has a vibrant and strong fan base across the continent. I hope some of you see this product as an investment in your future and try it for yourselves. Stay tuned to see how we might be sharing this essence with you in a more pocket-friendly way.

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