By Mehak Munaf.

  Ramadan is more than a celebration, it is a time of spiritual reflection, self-improvement, and heightened devotion and worship. However, the long hours of fasting and excessive washing for wudu can start taking an immediate toll on your skin. This means you may have to take extra care of your skin and boost it with a more diligent skincare routine so that it does not have to suffer in the long run. Sedit presents some essential tips to add in your skincare to keep your skin feeling and looking better than ever during the holy month.


Don’t overwash 

It’s obvious to all who fast that skin starts feeling very dehydrated due to fasting. You can exacerbate these conditions by overwashing your face. A cool micellar water or a few spritzes of a skin spray such as Tatcha’s Dewy skin mist will keep your skin recharged and refreshed. The skin radiates a healthy glow,  and the scent is calming and soothing. For an added cooling effect keep your mist or sprays in the fridge.

Block it

We can’t say this enough and won’t say this enough but you must apply sunblock even if you are indoors. Protect your skin from harmful UVA rays indoors by applying a sunblock with SPF 50 in it. The protection does not end there and you must reapply if you are outdoors for more than three hours. We carry a liquid, lightweight SPF with an invisible finish, Dr. Jart+’s  Every Sun Day Fluid has a groundbreaking formula that prevents damage from the sun and pollution while moisturizing and cooling skin.
With a glide-on texture that leaves no white cast behind, this formula forms a barrier against UVA and UVB rays as well as environmental aggressors.

It takes two to make the skin don’t glow

It’s bad news for caffeine and sugar lovers. You have to cut back on these two culprits that have an adverse effect on the skin. The negative effects of sugar on our bodies are endless, but the same goes for skin, too. Sugar has seriously aging properties, causes infamous and relentless breakouts, and weakens the immune system. Sugar is also guilty of breaking down collagen and elastin that leads to saggy skin and wrinkles – Ugh!!!  Trust us we don’t want to hear this too. As for caffeine, it leaves skin seriously dehydrated. In a way, you are lucky as you naturally can cut back on caffeine and sodas during the next few weeks as they absorb essential minerals in our body that you really need during fasting. Try having healthy sharbat or fresh juices,  like the ABC juice at Iftar or Suhoor for that inner glow.  So say bye-bye to caffeine and ask yourself what do you prefer?  Coffee or glowing skin? I know the die hards may want to throw in the towel, but before you abandon this noble cause for good skincare: there are still products you can use and drink your coffee too.  So read on. 


Hydrate, hydrate and rehydrate

When you don’t drink enough water the collagen that binds skin cells together begins breaking down, causing fine lines and wrinkles to become more noticeable. Drink as much water as possible to keep your body hydrated between Suhoor and Iftar. Eat fruits and veggies that have a high water content, giving your skin the best possible chance to survive the fasting period without compromising it too much.  As you know your skin loses a lot of its moisture due to lack of water all day, making it essential to include moisturizing your skin as part of your daily skincare routine. Do look beyond your normal moisturizer to do the added job as you need a cream that is ultra-rich and enough to quench your parched skin. Powered by antioxidants and highly concentrated Green Mineral Water, Laneige water bank moisture cream strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier for a hydrated, balanced complexion.

Supplements and vitamins

If your skin still feels it’s lacking in luster and hydration try to add some vitamins and supplements to your routine. Vitamins C and E, as well as noteworthy minerals such as selenium and zinc, are the right mix to consider at this time of the month. Our skin reflects what we eat and since we are not eating much, or at least not much of the right stuff, make sure you take some collagen as well. I swear by collagen and have been using Great Lakes Collagen for overall gut health for some time now. It’s hard for me to take my vitamins all together so I’ve split the routine between Suhoor and Iftar. Adding some superfoods now is also a great idea such as Goji and Acai berries.  Satiate your munching moods with them instead of having dairy and other sugary foods that cause acne and gain the added advantage of naturally increasing your vitamin A, C, and E intake.


A good old school skincare routine.

Treat your skin with a good skincare routine that involves cleansing, moisturizing, and exfoliation two or three times a week. Use oil-free face washes and facial scrubs that will gently exfoliate and simultaneously boost your skin’s health. We’ve recently discovered a wonderful brand from down under Dr. Roebucks. Their  Byron 2 in 1 Mask+ Scrub is a multi-tasking hero product that targets clogged pores, gently removes dead skin cells, lifting away impurities all at once. It contains biodegradable, eco-friendly jojoba beads to give you the ultimate pore purge for Ramadan and beyond.  This cult bestseller works hard to lift as well as encouraging cell renewal. Get your hands on this poetic scrub now and after just a few scrubbing sessions,  you will be scrambling to grab the last of our limited pieces.

Crawl into the right sheets

Sheet masks are also an easy and effective way to provide your skin with an immediate and big boost of vitamins and moisture. They’re also a fun way to relax and pamper yourself at home.  One reason sheet masks are so amazing is that they create a seal on your skin. This prevents moisture and vitamins from escaping! Your skin cells get to absorb virtually all of the nourishing ingredients. DrJart’s Dermask Water Jet Soothing Hydra Solution is a cellulose sheet mask that soothes and calms sensitive skin caused by dehydration. This is a balancing, collagen-boosting sheet mask that helps control sebum while injecting a burst of hydration support to much needed dry skin. and of course, as per all sheet masks, brightening effects.

Don’t skip on a good serum

No skincare routine is complete without serums, moisturizers, and essential oils. Bybi’s Bakuchiol Booster, pronounced (“Bah-kou-chee-ol”) is as tough to pronounce as it is on aging.
This is a 100% natural, vegan-friendly alternative to retinol (vitamin A). A night-time booster to supplement your existing skincare products, it stimulates collagen production and dramatically improves the texture of your skin, without irritating it. 3 to 4 drops of it every night can do wonders to the skin. Mix into your daily moisturizer for added benefits. This British newbie brand is a must try this Ramadan.

Get your 40 winks.

Social distancing is easing and soon you will be rushing out to meet each other. Yes, there will be late meals, bloated stomachs, and puffy eyes. Try to get your 7-8 hours in one way or another and give your body and skin the adequate time to rejuvenate. Add an eye cream to counteract the long hours and sleepless nights. Estée Lauder’s  Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex is a magical product trending strongly on our radar and totally worth the spend.  This formula repairs the visible impact of sleepless nights, UV, pollution, even blue light. This Amber bottle may look old school but its supercharged ingredients are promising 24-hour hydration and rejuvenating tired dull eyes by visibly reducing puffiness and fine lines.

 Try some of these beautifying tips to boost your skincare routine to look and feel better this Ramadan. Remember to stay off sugar to avoid its negative effect on our bodies. Drink maximum water to experience the benefits of its skin-saving powers and cut down your caffeine intake. Try some of these incredible products and tell Sedit how it went.

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