How to Ace Your Plump Lips Game in 2022 – The Soorat
How to Ace Your Plump Lips Game in 2022

How to Ace Your Plump Lips Game in 2022

Big lips are the’ in’ thing right now, and not everyone is blessed enough to be born with them.I can guarantee if you haven't tried it yourself yet, you know at least two people who have gotten lip fillers, within the past few years. As always science has found a way to meet your beauty needs and expectations. There are temporary solutions to get the perfect pout you want, or more permanent ones, depending on what you are looking for. We’re here to inform you of all the possible choices you have in regards to getting bigger, fuller, cleaner, more colorful lips, as well as all the products that help stylise and moisturize your smackers.

Lip plumping

First let's talk about the new lip trend, ‘plumping’ and the various ways to achieve this look. Lip plumping is making your lips look fuller through treatment. In some instances lip plumping is as easy as putting on lip balm. Literally. There are so many different lip plumping products, but how do they work? The products contain a substance that irritates the skin on the lips, making them appear red and swollen. You know like when you eat foods that are too spicy, and suddenly the lips get red and swollen? It's basically the same reaction taking place here, most of these plumpers contain substances like sichuan chillies, capsicum, menthol or even cinnamon. Once you apply the product the lips will become temporarily fuller looking, and slightly swollen. Be careful and make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients, before using the product, you don’t want to accidentally start swelling anywhere else also. 

Focallure’s plump max high shine lip glow is a great non-sticky formula that could be used as a lip plumper. With coconut extract, jojoba seed oil, mint extract and vitamin E, this lip plumper guarantees younger, fresher looking lips.

FOCALLURE | Plumpmax-High-Shine-Lip-Glow-04-Apyrite | The Soorat

Go Hyalronic!

Another, hero ingredient  being used in many lip formulations is hyaluronic acid which can be naturally found in the skin. This acid holds a thousand times its weight in water making it an ideal ingredient to keep an eye out for in your lip care products, as it hydrates and plumps the skin.

While some people believe overtime it can lead to fuller lips, don’t hold your breath. The effects of most of the products are temporary, however incorporating it consistently into your routine can lead to fuller, more plump and hydrated lips. 

For  a quick and  temporary fix check out Milk makeup’s electric glossy lip plumper. Providing you with a comfortable tingling sensation, formulated with sichuan pepper, this gloss is vegan friendly, hydrating, and one of the best lip balms for dry lips.

MILK MAKEUP | Electric Glossy Lip Plumper | The Soorat
Lip Fillers

A more permanent plumping method are Lip injections. Injections in the lips sound painful, but they’re nothing to be afraid of. This solution lasts upto six months, however the treatment is expensive and costs 15-30K PKR, depending on the quantity you desire.

The Nova clinic in Dubai is a great place to get your lip plumping injections done. They use luxurious products to make sure you have the most relaxing, stress free procedure. With a focus on face art, this center is your best bet for lip treatments. 

Another center is the Royal Cosmetic Surgery center in Islamabad, Pakistan. Offering two types of injections this center produces in depth individual analysis, and takes care of all your lip beautification.  

Lip Blushing or Semi Permanent Makeup

Lip Blushing or tattooing is an age old treatment that’s coming back in full force. It's not really like traditional tattooing, instead it's a semi permanent cosmetic tattooing procedure which deposits pigments in your lips through the use of small needles. This lip coloring treatment may be slightly painful and expensive, it usually takes between 1 to 3 hours to complete. But if that sounds too extreme for you, then take a look at Rare- beauty’s Lip souffle matte cream lipstick, which is a great substitute. The hydrating, full on subtle color, stays on your lips all day with a featherweight feel and a botanical blended scent.

Lip Scrubbing

If invasive treatments are not your kind of thing and you have little down time from recovery then why not try the all natural practice  of lip scrubbing? This do it at home treatment is easy and super affordable! 

After wetting your lips with water, take an exfoliator, usually sugar based, and dip it in cotton, then rub the cotton carefully and gently over the damp lips in circular motions to enhance circulation. 

Revolution’s sugar kiss lip scrub is a great option to use, its fruity scent makes the experience far more enjoyable and relaxing. The sugar in the scrub removes dead skin, making your lips look shiny and rehydrated.

MAKEUP REVOLUTION | Revolution Sugar Kiss Lip Scrub | The Soorat

Don’t forget to generously apply moisturizer afterwards, we suggest Kiehl's lip balm as it soothes and moisturizes dry lips. It’s convenient to carry, and has a variety of flavors including cranberry, mint, mango options available.

KIEHLS | Lip Balm #1 | The Soorat

Up your lip care game. With these products and treatments, no one will be able to take their eyes off your lips, long enough to hear what you’re saying. We use our mouths all day, everyday, whether it’s to eat or talk, we should be taking care of our lips, and giving them the time and attention they deserve.

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