How Scented Candles Can Fix Your Mood Swings

How Scented Candles Can Fix Your Mood Swings

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Fragrance can play a very powerful role in altering our mood and emotions. Candles are a great way to experience the sensorial benefit of scent and for the first time in Pakistan you can explore the wide range of Yankee Candles available at The Soorat. Head over to our candle shop and enjoy some of our favorite suggestions:

Lavender: Relaxing:
You might have already heard about how lavender is extremely relaxing and using it when you're particularly anxious. Can really alleviate stress. Try Yankee Candle’s Lavender Lemon scented candle. It’s clean and inviting, with a powdery fresh blend of tangy lemon citrus and sweet lavender flowers.

For a good night’s sleep, all that you really need to do is get this lavender scented candle right here, or if this isn't your go to, then this one here.

Jasmine: Uplifting
The properties of a jasmine flower are  very prominent.  When used in candles, the sweet  note of jasmine has proven to be very helpful in situations when you might get extremely anxious be overwhelmed and need to uplift your mood.
Ease tension, emotional and physical fatigue with:

This keeps you in a positive mindset all day long.

Citrus: Cheerful
It's no secret that anything citrusy is recharging and refreshing for the soul like no other aroma. Just smelling a bowl of  oranges and grapefruits can revitalize you instantly.  Citrus also regulates your hormone levels which helps with depression.
Yankee candles lemon and orange candle scent enlivens your attitude throughout the day  feeling more alert and cheerful  alive and happier.

Orange scents on the other hand promotes meditation as this scent is perfect for when you're exercising or are doing yoga and just want a sweet smell passing by you so that you can have a peaceful environment. If you have a specific memory attached to a fruity scent, then this works even better because it’ll remind you of that pleasant thought from your past and get rid of any negative thoughts that may have been on your mind all day.

If you're interested in buying one of these citrus candles, you can view this page here, but if you are specifically looking for a lemon scented candle, then this is where you can purchase it from.

Cinnamon: Comfort
Have you ever had one of those days when it's really hard for you to focus on particular tasks and you just cannot stop procrastinating? Well then, this candle has specifically been made for you. The fragrance of cinnamon has always been said to be a great way to help with your memory and to help you concentrate better because not only does it make you de stress but it also increases your alert level mentally. Cinnamon scented candles always provide such a warm and comforting environment that one feels like keeping the candle burning all year 

around. Buy this cinnamon stick scented jar right away to let go of your mind’s trouble and focus on your tasks much more easily.

Vanilla: Warmth
In recent years, there has been a huge hype surrounding vanilla scented candles. A lot of its beneficial properties were ignored before, but now, there are a lot of people finally realizing how vanilla scented candles are great for both your mind and your body. If you or someone close to you loves the scent of vanilla in your foods while baking, this scent is perfect for you. The soothing smell of vanilla has been said to have a huge impact on moods which helps calm you

psychologically and physically. Gift this candle to someone near you who you think loves vanilla and watch their face light up with joy.

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