Alina Halai.

 I have had chronic digestive issues off and on again for a very long time and after trying on every possible solution mentioned on the internet the thing that worked for me like magic was pure Celery Juice!   

Many of us use celery as one of the ingredients in our everyday meal. But when consumed on its own and that too first thing in the morning with an empty stomach, it works like a miracle gut-healing medicine. Pure celery juice heals our sluggish liver and helps in the production of bile. Bile is important for burning the body fat so helping us lose weight is also an added benefit that the intake of celery can provide us with. As it gets rid of bloating and regulates the blood sugar.

For celery to affect our body for the better, it is important to consume 16 ounces of celery juice every day. I started by drinking eight oz, as I wanted to increase the quantity gradually. I did, however, notice a remarkable difference even with 8 oz of celery intake as the bloating on my stomach reduced considerably and my digestive issues were resolved very quickly and that too just after only ten days! My skin started looking more fresh and radiant because of me consuming the right food.
With the kind of results and drastic transformation that I had, I would recommend everyone to give it a go as well. Even if you think you can’t have 16oz per day, that’s fine. Just start with whatever you are comfortable with and get ready for an epic cleansing transformation. You will end up raving about it as much as I am. So go for it sista!

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