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3 Grooming Tools Used At Home For Men In 2022

3 Grooming Tools Used At Home For Men In 2022

People assume only women need to spend time maintaining themselves, however the truth is, getting ready for men is as essential as it is for women. 

As we all know, grooming is the essence of style. It goes beyond which clothes you wear, you must focus on your physical health as well as your appearance to maintain the image of a well groomed man.  

With fast flowing fashion norms and trends mens’ grooming is as vital as a well organised closet. Guys get to dress up their faces, with facial hair, deciding which look suits them best, at any given time. 

Instead of booking appointments in the middle of work hours, or rushing to a barber before a function, guys should invest in customised dressing kits. These personal products focus on rejuvenating facial skin and increasing freshness, leaving the skin looking younger and healthier than before.  

Giving yourself ample time to get ready and feel fresh, boosts your confidence level; if you look the part you feel the part. One essential tip for getting ready is organisation, keep everything simple and manageable. 

Remember, you only get one first impression. Grooming and general cleanliness promote your personal hygiene, people love people who look clean and smell fresh. So be prepared to get noticed with the best men’s personal products. 

Here at The Soorat, we’ve decided to make your grooming easier, by offering you a list of the best prepping essentials for men in Pakistan.

Ahmed El Sayed or Twisted Curls


Remington | G4 Graphite Series All-in-One Beard, Body Trimmer PG4000 | The Soorat


G4 Graphite Series All-in-One Beard, Body Trimmer PG4000 Rs. 7100

Look fresh and fashionable like Ahmed El Sayed of @twistedcurls. The founder of The  House of Nomad  maintains a neat close shave while accentuating his chiselled jaw line.  Try Remington’s G4 Graphite series, All in one Beard, Body Trimmer to achieve a conscious yet  effortless precision of this look. Remington trimmers offer some of the best body trimmers in the market, with various pricing options and specialised features just for you. You can manage your body hair, make characterised beard lines, or even shape your facial hair. This body trimmer focuses on straight lines, and neat cuts allowing you to look like you just walked out of a barber store. 


 Remingtons all in one quality allows for head-to-toe prepping all through just one device. This body trimmer allows you to create various, customised looks.

The blades are graphite plated, and the tips are extra smooth, providing you with a comfortable experience.

The graphite G4 can be wired or wireless and gives you upto an hour to carry out extreme styling. 

Be it head hair or beard hair, Remingtons permits you to enjoy excess styling, from long stubble to short hairdos, while also allowing you to maintain your nose, eyebrows, and even ear hair. Easy to clean, and even easier to use, get yours now and look groomed every morning. 

Fawad Khan

Get The Look With PHILLIPS
PHILLIPS | AquaTouch Wet And Dry Electric Shaver S5070 | The Soorat
AquaTouch Wet And Dry Electric Shaver S5070 Rs. 8880

Check out the smouldering, Fawad Khan’s close shave. It’s tight enough to look subtly careless but not too close to the skin. Your woman will be fawning  all over you. We think Phillips electric shaver, perfectly caters to all skin types, be it sensitive or strong, to nab this slick look.

   This shaver provides men with unique, customised grooming, while being skin friendly. The Philips Aquatouch shaver is an intense grooming tool, accompanied by an adjusted profile, which allows you to shave without trimming your skin. The aquatic wet and dry seal means you can shave over the sink for a quick fix, or even while you’re showering. Philips body shaver blades offer smoother shaves than ordinary blades. 

You can’t have a men’s personal care kit without the Philips body shaver. It permits you to keep up with your latest styles while making sure your facial hair is on point. But that’s not all, you can use Philips Bodyshaver to shave off hair in all those pesky places, you can’t reach with a regular razor. 

All Philips items consist of shaving foil, so we suggest you invest in a smoother shave.

PANASONIC | Hair And Beard Trimmer ER-217 | The Soorat
Hair And Beard Trimmer ER-217 Rs. 9000

Panasonic is one of the best men's self care brands. 

Creating your ideal look is no longer a problem when you own the Panasonic Hair and Beard Trimmer. 

As this trimmer demands a battery, you can use it in the mountains, or in your bathroom. It takes around eight hours to get fully charged and works for around 40 whole minutes. The battery percentage is indicated by different coloured lights, so it can warn you when it's about to die. Furthermore, this trimmer is waterproof, and can be washed after it's used. Due to its convenient design, you can easily hold it in your hands. You can also adjust its length by adjusting the comb, making it more convenient to use. If you need a battery powered trimmer to carry around with you, we strongly suggest the Panasonic Hair and Beard Trimmer.


  1. How would you clean a Remington trimmer?

Cleaning your shaver periodically can lengthen its lifespan. You can clean your Remington trimmer by detaching the metal screens. After removing the head of the trimmer, use a small brush to get out any leftover hair or dust. This way you get out all the bristle clippings that may have gotten stuck. 

  1. Is Philips Aquatouch wet and dry shaver waterproof?

    The lock on the Aquatouch shaver makes it 100 percent waterproof. You can also apply shaving cream while using this shaver, for additional skin security. Moreover, some people prefer dry shaves, which is also an option. 

  1. Would a facial hair trimmer be utilised for hairs?

   The facial hair trimmer is used to maintain beards only. There are numerous, multi-groom clippers like Panasonic Hair and Beard Trimmer, which can be used for both facial hair and the hair on your head.

  1. Would Philips Beard trimmer be used for head hair?

Beard trimmers only manage your facial hair. We don't suggest using it on other parts of the body. You may not get the desired outcome, and it could cause skin damage, if used incorrectly.

Final Remarks 

When you look your best, you feel your best, and we want to help you be the most confident version of yourself. Use these products to successfully groom yourself at home, and feel fresh every morning. The products you use are important, sustainability and results are our focus, and we want you to have ideal experiences while praciticing self care. 

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