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The Trending Spring Hair Colors 2022

The Trending Spring Hair Colors 2022

Spring trends are symbolic of the regrowth, creativity and the blossoming of the natural world. As winter fades we emerge out of hibernation with fresh, new perspectives and looks. So get with the seasons and get ready for spring color hair trends; flower into your happiest self this 2022.


Strawberry Blonde Hair | The Soorat


A color we’ve seen plenty of this spring is strawberry. From New York fashion week to the streets, this is a bold, beautiful tone. You can get a dull, lighter version or the popping vibrant version, depending on how much you want to stand out. Feel peachy, and sweet with a flattering tone of strawberry, this spring. 


Muted Pinks / Froze Blond | The Soorat

The sun’s getting stronger and people are starting to get their pink on. From hot pink, to pink blonde, this is an ideal spring hair color choice. As it's not a natural tone for anybody, this creative color choice highlights an off the beaten path look. Muted pinks like Froze Blond, are less bold, however the color still attracts a fair amount of attention. The ashy overtone makes a comeback every few seasons, making it a safe choice. If you want to shine bright this spring, without blinding those who look at you, this is a great fun choice. 

MUTED PINKS Hair Look | The Soorat



Coloring your hair is a great way to get out of a funk, or make a change. However, you must be careful not to damage the quality of your hair in the process. “Bronde” hair refers to bright colored hair, without sacrificing the quality of hair. This sunkissed tone, emits a warm, golden glow throughout your hair, while effortlessly blending into your natural roots. A perfect choice for spring, leading into summertime, this warm buttery beige blond hair looks phenomenal on any skin tone. If you just want to give your hair a little light wash of color, this is the trend for you.


BRUNETTE | The Soorat

Brunette may seem like a winter color with its darker undertones, but it seems like it's carrying on through spring this 2022. Stars like Hailey Beiber and Gigi Hadid went back to the basics this winter, and they still haven’t gone back. Usually lighter tones are preferred throughout Spring, however this year the chic, different color is here to stay. If you've already dyed your hair brunette you can add light streaks to change it up for spring. Warm-toned caramel highlights complement brunette hair tones and seamlessly increase the dimension of the hair color.


BABY BLONDE | The Soorat

This baby blonde look has been a head turner for sometime now, but the trend is stronger than ever this spring. It’s not as golden or ashy as other blondes, it's a true neutral blonde, stripping the hair of any other colors. This elegant, light tone illuminates the skin, and creates a cool, breezy glamorous vibe.



Lastly we’re going to bring up the copper craze, which has been tried and tested by some of our favourite euphoric girls. From Sydney Sweeney to Zendaya they have all experimented with some copper elements in their hair. Vibrant color always come out in springtime, but this spring the red is slightly muted, with a more natural look, suitable for various skin tones. How deep or light the shade is depends on the hair and skin’s undertones. The rule of thumb when it comes to red is, cool reds are better for olive skin tones, and warm copper reds for neutral skin tones.

COPPER Blonde Hair | The Soorat

This year’s spring color are as warm as the sun, and as breezy as the wind. With classic sunny blondes, and warm washes of happy color who wouldn’t want to try out these trends? Floral patterns and illuminating highlights are also in season, adding charm to already existing shades as well. Get ready to feel fresh and bloom into your most creative self, this spring, with these trending Spring color.


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