Feel Fresh this Spring, With These Trending Haircuts – The Soorat
Feel Fresh this Spring, With These Trending Haircuts

Feel Fresh this Spring, With These Trending Haircuts

History always repeats itself, fashion and style trends come and go, and come back again. This year's spring cuts are a mix from the 70’s to the 90’s, from layers to lobs, everyone’s looking for the freshest, funnest cuts as we move towards summer. Here at The Soorat we’ve compiled a list of our favorite hairstyles trending this year.

Bobs & Lobs

The Bob is still going strong into 2022, classic or layered, this cut is a dominant trend that’s here to stay. The classic bob is straight cut, giving your hair a look of fullness, this style is ideal for finer hair. The former Disney star Salena Gomez is leading this trend with a return to the classic chin-length look.

Salena Gomez | The Soorat

However, for those of you who do not want to commit to short hair, there’s always the lob. A fun cut between the chin and shoulder, that allows you to experiment more with volume, and style in various ways! Whether you play it safe with a classic bob, or try something daring with  a lob, you’ll have a fresher look this Spring.


BIXIE | The Soorat

Next we have the “Bixie.” In the 90’s there were two iconic haircuts, the bob and the pixie, we decided to combine those cuts to create something different. A shaggy bob with a mix of layers to heighten texture and dimension. This free, messy cut is all about creating volume, and weightless texture. Because it's a blend of two cuts there are various ways to cut and style this trend, however be wary the cut works better on particular hair types. Check out how fabulously Victoria Beckham is carrying the Bixie.



Billieeilish | The Soorat

After two years of quarantine, everyone’s ready to be noticed again. These hard to miss hairstyles are trending ridiculously fast. Daring and edgy, these cuts have come back with a bang. Let’s start with the Octopus haircut. Blowing up big via superstar Billie Eilish this cut is taking social media by storm, with choppy layers, resembling octopus tentacles.  Like the shag it has a very layered look, however they are shorter in the front and longer at the back. Lastly, bangs are a necessity, to complete this look with either curtain style, above the brow, or cheek grazing.

Spruce Your Hair up With These Trending Hairstyle Trends 2022 


Shag | The Soorat

Then there’s the shag, fit for straight hair, or curly locks, this cut enables a wild, fun vibe. You need lots and lots of layers to rock this cool, creative look. For people who want to maintain their length and their natural texture, it’s a great choice. You can still wear your hair up while framing the face but check out the striking Kaia Gerber here!

Zendaya | The Soorat

Usually people with straight hair get this type of cut, but this fashionista wasn’t afraid to try the look with her crazy curls. Zendaya rocked a full curl shag and looked as gorgeous as ever, proving any type of hair can pull off this cut.


Mullet | The Soorat

Less extreme than the 80’s version, the mullet is back. From longer layers to softer curls there are many variations of this style. This hairstyle can range from grungy and punky, to pretty and petite. Stars like Miley Cyrus and Riri (Rihanna) styled their mullets fabulously. Perfect for any shaped face, this cut frames the face beautifully, and relies more on texture. Here’s the plus point, it eventually grows out into a stunning long-layered shag.


Big Chop | The Soorat

With the heat creeping up everyone’s starting to prepare themselves with shorter cuts. The Big Chop doesn’t mean cutting off all your hair, it just means significantly shortening or thinning it. The actress
Sanaa Lathan tapered her hair from the sides and left the top longer, instead of the typical one length look. People are chopping off their long locks and trading them in for a pixie or tapered look. Get ready to get rid of that weight on your head ladies, it can be quite a liberating feeling. 

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