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Falsie 101: How To Apply Fake Lashes Like a Pro

Falsie 101: How To Apply Fake Lashes Like a Pro

Falsie 101: How to apply fake lashes like a pro

Falsies are all the rage these days. Everyone loves the idea of thick, luxuriant lashes, and so a lot of people spend quite a bit of money in attaining ‘the perfect lash’. However a lot of times, people end up having janky looking lashes because of zero practice in lash application. So how does one get their dream lashes without looking like the Corpse Bride? We’re here to explain that. 

  1. Get your prep materials ready!

You can never get that perfect lash without having the perfect prep materials. You need to make sure you have a good lash adhesive and lash applicator, an eyebrow tweeter will work too! For a lash adhesive, we recommend the Ardell Clear Lash Adhesive and get your hands on any affordable lash applicator.


As for lashes, start off with some inexpensive but good quality and easy to apply lashes. We recommend the Ardell Professional Natural as they are affordable, reusable, easy to apply and remove. 


Measure the eyelashes against your eyelids, and trim off the excess. You can use the excess eyelash later on your eye’s outer corner for that extra wow factor! 

  1. Strategically apply your lash glue onto your lashes

By strategically, we mean patiently. Don’t just dab glue onto your lashes and then immediately stick them onto your eyelid. Wait for the glue to dry a little, and then stick the lash onto your eyelid. But this doesn’t mean you let the glue dry completely. We recommend waiting for 30 seconds. 

  1. Don’t look straight into a mirror!

When applying your fake lash, look downwards and not straight into the mirror. This is the most elementary mistake that people make. Instead of propping your mirror straight, angle it so that it is perpendicular to your face and look down. Voila! Your eyelid will extend, almost like you’re closing your eyes. You will then be able to better see where to place the lash on the lid. This tip will transform your entire lash process; instead of poking yourself accidentally and tilting your head at wildly uncomfortable angles, you will be able to apply your lash in one go! Pro tip: Don’t close your eyes while applying the lash. It may seem weird, but keep them open, because otherwise, it can change your eye shape. Don’t skip out on using tweezers! They really help. 

  1. Hide your strip’s band using an eyeliner

Take your best eyeliner and draw a line extending the band from where it starts to the inner corner of your eye. For a winged effect, flick out the end!

  1. Voila! You now have perfect lashes.

This step is pretty self-explanatory. The only thing to do now is go out and enjoy those lashes. You deserve it. 


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