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Blush Game Strong: Your Ultimate 2020 Blush Guide

Blush Game Strong: Your Ultimate 2020 Blush Guide

By Maarya Shaikh.

  Blush is a great way to get a youthful glow on days where you feel tired and washed out. But for most of us, blush rarely takes center stage in our makeup looks. The fear of drawing clown comparisons stops most of us from going bold with blush. Well, no more!  2020 is the year of bold makeup, and dramatic blush is no exception. Here are our tips for making this trend work for you!

Stipple, don’t swipe

To get the most control when working with bright colors, use stippling motions with a dense round brush. Remember you can always dab more on, but you can’t take it off. Alternatively: try a cream formula and apply with fingertips.

Place it high

Go just a little higher than the apples of your cheek, approaching the cheekbone. This splash of color can help lift your face almost as well as contouring, and draws focus towards the eyes. Just as highlighter is applied in a C curve from the cheekbones to the brow, blush can be patted over the temples. This creates a high fashion look that flatters your bone structure with a pop of color. 

Do a gradient

Who says you can only pick one color? Try a gradient by blending a lighter color like peach on the higher points of the face, and blend it with a warm orange or coral pink.  

Dab on the nose

Often labeled the “E-girl” look, this effect has inspired countless Instagram and Snapchat filters and looks irresistibly girly and fresh. Connecting the colour on your cheekbones by dabbing a little on the bridge or tip of the nose gives it that “just pinched” look, similar to that natural flush your cheeks get on a windy day. Only with blush, you get all of the glow and none of the chapped skin.

Try an unusual color

Sure, petal pinks are a staple. But why not feel the satisfaction of rocking a bright orange blush? Take a leaf out of beauty mogul Rihanna’s playbook and dive headfirst into unorthodox cheek colors like berry purple and magenta. Just swatch them first to get an idea of how they play with your undertones; a pale orange, for example, maybe unflattering for those with yellow undertones. 

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