The fallopian tubes are also known as the uterine tubes. Except in cases of abnormality or health issues, women typically have two tubes running from the ovary to the uterus, carrying the egg.

What’s so important about these tubes which are a part of our reproductive anatomy?

Well, for starters they suction the egg from the ovary on a monthly basis, holding it in wait of fertilization. If that does not happen, they just absorb the egg. Simply put, if the fallopian tubes did not function as they’re meant to, fertilization of the egg and pregnancy would not be possible.

Healthy fallopian tubes need to be intact in order for you to get pregnant.

Simply put, they must be open at both the uterus and the ovary. There also cannot be any obstructions or inflammatory material that leads to problems. The tubes must be open and clear in order to function normally, and if ignored or unchecked such obstructions can lead to health problems that could range from causing mild discomfort to becoming seriously life threatening.

Some causes of Inflammation

Conditions such as Endometriosis can cause inflammation in the pelvic region, hindering the function of the tubes. Apart from that, ectopic pregnancies, where the egg is outside of the uterus, lead to damage of the tube where the egg ends up remaining, putting the life of the mother at risk as well.

Know your body

Women’s bodies undergo a lot on a regular basis anyway, but our health concerns are statistically still dismissed by doctors and practitioners. When you know your body better, you can exercise more agency over it as well as demand better care.

You may have often heard the phrase “got my tubes tied” sound familiar? These are the very tubes that undergo an irreversible procedure that acts as permanent birth control that many women opt for. This procedure is also done when illnesses do irreversible damage to your tubes.

Get yourself checked by a professional

So as your child starts approaching puberty, of if you are a teenager reading this article it is important to know the science behind why these tubes are essential for women’s health and for conception in the future. Regular checkups with a local gyne can also keep things in good health. If you have been having a hard time getting pregnant it is essential to also get your tubes checked for obstructions.

Our bodies are incredible, working with mechanisms we can barely comprehend. But that’s no reason to not know your body inside out. Most people wait until things get really bad before seeking help of any kind, which goes against the saying that prevention is better than cure.
Knowing more is only beneficial. Share this with other women you know!

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