A DIY Eyelash Serum For Fuller Lashes

A DIY Eyelash Serum For Fuller Lashes

Having trouble with short eyelashes or afraid that you are losing too many? One of the reasons this might be happening is the products that we use, such as mascara or eyeliner or even medicated eye drops that dry out your natural eyelashes and cause them to break. Rubbing your eyes can also contribute to shorter and brittle lashes. 

Having beautiful lashes that don’t need any makeup is something all of us have dreamt of but perhaps haven’t been blessed with. That being the case there is always good news at The Sedit. There are hacks and DIYs for almost everything now and of course if we can manage better hair health at home, then why not eyelashes?

Stop thinking about eyelash extensions or lash lifts when you can work on extending and filling up your eyelashes with an easy and affordable, made at home, DIY eyelash serum!

For your very own DIY eyelash serum, you will need:

2 table spoon castor oil
1 table spoon aloe vera gel
1 table spoon almond oil
 2-3 drops of vitamin e oil
1 empty mascara bottle
1 Clean mascara wand


The method is quite simple. All you need to do is mix the oils and aloe vera gel in a bowl and then transfer the mixture to the clean and empty mascara bottle or fragrance roller bottle.


Just like you put on mascara, apply the serum on your eyelashes before going to bed for a month to ensure definite results. If you do not feel like putting on mascara during the day, use a mascara wand to apply the serum on your lashes, which will act as a clear mascara without adding any dark pigments to your eyelashes.


Your eyelashes will  grow within a 4-to-8-week time span! Just make sure that you are consistent with your DIY serum application to achieve longer and fuller eyelashes and feel the results faster. Share any before and after pics with us for a chance to win a fun sample.

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