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7 Ways You Are Aging Your Skin Faster

7 Ways You Are Aging Your Skin Faster

By Shameneh Majid.

  Aging gracefully has always been your plan until that first line appears and that first wrinkle made an appearance above your eye. We’re all beautiful the way we are but skincare is akin to exercise; you do it because it helps your body be the best it can be. You can be doing all the right things, but often, even the best of us make mistakes. It’s all about the devil in your skincare routine (pun intended). You may not realize it but here are 7 things you might be doing wrong:

You forgot about the sun damage:

Sun exposure is literally the worst environmental effect that your face can go through. If you are someone that has been ignoring that sunblock on your dresser, then your skin aging faster shouldn’t really come as a surprise. Do yourself a favor and say YES to sunblock sister!

You haven’t covered pollution:

The pollution around you seeps into your skin all the time and you do not realize the invisible bacteria worsening your skin. As the barrier lipids are stripped, your skin becomes sensitive and prone to signs of premature aging such as pigmentation.

You think that repeatedly cleaning your face is the key to go:

Your skin requires moisture, simple water is also drying so while washing your face, use a gentle hydrating cleanser that best suits your skin. Then softly wipe away excess water and apply a hydrating moisturizer. Mixing a drop or two of hyaluronic acid with a facial oil such as rosehip or argan oil is the perfect mix to go under your sunblock.

Your skin rejuvenates at night when you’re asleep. By not allowing yourself enough rest, you’re also not giving your skin a break.

You can’t stop eating sugary foods:

Too much of anything is never good. Too much sugar in particular, not only piles on the pounds but also causes inflammation which is bound to say a little hello on your face. A little treat once in a while is great but remember not to go overboard!

Your makeup is still on:

Everyone knows that not removing your makeup clogs your pores. You don’t want to do that to your beautiful face. Taking off our makeup often falls to the bottom of our long ‘to do’ list, but make your skin a priority and by extension, make yourself a priority.

Sleep isn’t a priority:

Your skin rejuvenates at night when you’re asleep. By not allowing yourself enough rest, you’re also not giving your skin a break. Lack of sleep, the stress it causes, the lines and those circles aren’t things anyone wants. A good pro tip is exercising. Exercising before sleeping does wonders increasing your deep sleep period.

You don’t have a proper skincare routine:

You need to come up with a skincare routine for yourself; something customized to suit your skin. This requires research and a visit to the dermatologist. Trial and error is the best way forward. Look up our article to identify what kind of skin you have and what works best for you.


So with following and implementing these steps by heart
in your day to day life and by sprinkling
some love, care, and patience onto your skin,
you can follow your plan to age gracefully. Remember,
confidence is the most important armor you
have so never forget to wear it.

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