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6 Must See Artists To Discover Around Art Dubai March 2022

6 Must See Artists To Discover Around Art Dubai March 2022

It’s that time of the year again, meet artists who transport you to lost cultures, and invoke your deepest emotions. Allow your mind to take a break from your own reality and lose yourself in the minds of these artistic souls. It’s Art Dubai Week 2022

This is THE Middle East’s largest art fair, consisting of an array of rich cultural heritage as well as modern art works. The fair endeavors to initiate, facilitate and encourage artworks from the endless undiscovered talent within MENASA, inclusive of Middle Eastern, North African and South Asian artists. 

This year is Art Dubai’s 15th edition, working alongside local artistic institutions to create a dynamic art ecology promising secure and nurturing spaces to encourage full artistic  expression. 

Meet some of the compelling artists on our radar that are a must see this year.

1. Amina Ahmad

 At Jhaveri Contemporary

On display at the Jhaveri Contemporary is Amina Ahmed’s work. The Dehli based artist portrays the seen in the unseen, and vice versa. Her use of dark paper engages the audience to look deeper into the painting, being engulfed by silence while searching for a pattern.

Amina Ahmad Art Dubai | The Soorat

2. Nina Ghouse 
A Slightly Curving Path

-Alserkal Arts Foundation

Nina Ghouse
the up and coming artist created the UAE’s first ever ambisonic sound installation, at the Alserkal Arts Foundation. She was deeply Inspired by the self learned, acoustic archeologist , Umashanker Mathravadi. Ghouse’s installation deconstructs our modern day perspectives regarding language and listening. The artist acknowledges the possibility of listening to the past, and almost hearing its absence, which lingers through time. The combination of the audio play and video installation allows writers, choreographers, composers and other artists to transform each other's work, as well as the work of those around them.

A Slightly Curving Path | The Soorat

3. Taus Makhacheva
A Space of Celebration

-Jameel Arts Centre

Held at the Jameel Arts Centre, ‘A Space of Celebration’ is the artist's first solo exhibition. Born in Moscow, with roots in the Republic of Dagestan Taus Makhacheva is known to explore the restless connection between historical narratives and fiction of cultural authenticity. The artist looks towards the heritage of the Soviet Union for inspiration. 

Taus Makhacheva | The Soorat

Her good sense of humor, love for mythology and fictional narratives have allowed her to create an exhibition focused on the North Caucasus and Caspian sea. The combination of sound and performance works through characters to portray complex histories. The anthropomorphic figures freeze, play and dance in the halls, while interacting with the outer world through humor and irony.

4. Najeeb Neeraj Sharma
The Symphony 1

-Art Dubai Uchaan Foundation

This Delhi based artist is well known for his fusion art style, a combination of culture and modernity. Inspired by his two daughters, Najeeb Neeraj Sharma is a strong advocate for social issues. Displayed in the Uchaan Foundation his painting ‘The symphony’ captures love, music and movements. Modern and traditional instruments are woven beautifully into his human figures, encompassing a unique vision of music. He works in all mediums, this painting is done in acrylic.

Neeraj Sharma | The Soorat

5. James Clar 
Cloud Seed

-Art Dubai, Julius Baer Commission

This installation was created by the Filipino artist James Clar and commissioned by Julius Baer. Clar’s interest in technological production processes and their connection to artistic narrative forms lead to the creation of light systems which produce visual sculptural works, combining light and technology.

James Clar | The Soorat

The new artwork is based around the idea of cloud seeding, an artificial form of weather manipulation. Those in the UAE are familiar with the concept of nature being modified, through the use of technology. In this installation Clar created a large scale real time simulation, of fog and rain, through a software. This visual system reflects human control over the natural elements.

6. The Louvre
The Lourve Abu Dhabi

- Versailles and The World

Lastly, the Louvre, located in Abu Dhabi arranges exhibitions every year. With their partners Musée national des Châteaux de Versailles et de Trianon, and the France Muséums, they created a replica of 17th century Versailles. Versailles and the world is an exhibition allowing spectators to immerse themselves in a historically famous era and destination, from which various civilizations were born. With over 100 artworks present,live through historical and political shifts, experience the competitive pursuit for excellence, which lead to modern day findings.

Whether you want to travel through time or sound, steep yourself in ancient histories, feel the power of controlling natural elements, or embody yourself in music this is the way you can do that, and so much more. Enrich your life through art, and come down to Art Dubai!

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