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Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present

Happiness is achieved when an individual strikes a balance between private and public life. However, I believe that we as individuals are occupied with such hectic routines that we tend to ignore the joy and happiness of life. For us the mere concept of “being happy” seems impossible. Everyone is in a constant struggle of succeeding in life and being better than the person they are competing with. Winning a competition makes them lose the chances of being happy. Here are the 5 ways to be happier in 2020.

1. Self-care:

According to Bryan E. Robinson an author for Psychology Today, self-care is extremely important. Self-sacrifice is not a virtue but it actually works against you. Living a life to satisfy others will make you weak not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. One needs to take care of their eating habits along with maintaining a regular and healthy exercise routine. It will boost your stamina thus making you strong enough to withstand any challenge that life throws at you.

Your don’t pour from an empty cup,Take care of yourself.-Unknown

2. Pursue your passion in your free time:

Pursuing your passion brings about happiness in an individual’s life. A study published in “The Annals of Behavioral Medicine” 2015 pointed out that pursuing your passion lowers down your stress levels thus making you happier. The researchers of the study found out that participants who are still taking out time for their habits were happier and less stressed.

3. Don’t be Judgemental:

Judging other people is something you should refrain from. Every individual tends to judge others both overtly and subconsciously. However, according to an article published in Forbes, being judgmental is one of the defense mechanisms that is not protecting you but is actually making you weaker. It is a shield that is used merely to conceal our own vulnerabilities and insecurities. Be kind to others as it will help you surround yourself with positive energy.

The road of life is rocking
And you may stumble too.
So while you talk about me,
someone else is judging you.
Judge not
Before you judge yourself.-(Bob Marley)

4.Laugh more and stress less:

Laughter helps you let loose even at times when you don’t feel like it. It helps you relax, reduce stress and improve your blood flow. One can find a reason to laugh in something as simple as reading a joke over the Internet. If reading or finding a joke is a tedious task for you to do then simply watch a comedy on Netflix and you are good to go! Don’t compromise on your laughter as it will end up making you happier.

5.Definition of happiness

Before you decide to be happy, it is better to chalk out your definition of happiness. Definition of happiness might not be the same for everyone. There are people in this world who believe that money can buy happiness. They use their means to reach happiness till there means are exhausted but at the same time there are people who can be happy just by spending quality time with their loved ones. Chalking out the definition will help you achieve your own version of happiness.

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