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5 Products For Glossy Healthy Hair This Eid

5 Products For Glossy Healthy Hair This Eid

Your hair is the crown of your beauty, and healthier, glossier hair is within your reach if you use these salon-level products and indulge your hair with these nourishing and repairing treats:
1. Use the Olaplex No. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo to repair and protect your hair from everyday stresses, leaving them soft, shiny and healthy.

2. The Botolife Reconstructive Mask by FANOLA softens and smoothes your hair to leave it ultra-manageable.

3. Invest in a tangle teaser brush, which helps you brush your hair out with minimal breakage or stress to your strands.

4. Massage your scalp at least thrice a week with a super-dose of the Eva Capilo Aqua-Infusion Vitalikum #33, which strengthens the hair fiber from within to give you a stronger and shinier mane.

5. The Uberliss Bond Sustainer should be your go to weekly treatment to repair broken hair bonds and strengthen your strands.

This retinue of products is sure to get you the sleek and shiny hair of your dreams!


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