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5 last-minute looks to rock for Halloween

5 last-minute looks to rock for Halloween

By Minahil Gillani

Spooky season is upon us once again, and given that 2020 has been scary enough year on it’s own, you probably have not had time to put together that insta-perfect Halloween outfit. Never fear, we have some fun and easier-than-they look make-up ideas for you to try.

Killer Clown


img @numrams

‘It’ is the clown (pun intended) that has kept us up many a night. Channel a sassy version of the iconic Pennywise with this incredibly simple make-up look. Add a white lace choker or DIY a quick tulle collar, and don’t forget to hold a single red balloon!

 The only slightly technical part of this look would be drawing the iconic ‘smile’ lines of Pennywise, and we recommend watching this tutorial by Abby Roberts who does it in the simplest way possible. She uses a special paint palette for the lines, but you can achieve the same with a dark burgundy matte lipstick.



Cute Alien


img @tesschristinexo

Take us to your leader with a cute as a button alien look. A subtle green eye and some white dots paired up with a DIY alien antenna headband or space buns is all you need to pull off this easy and whimsical look. If you are up for more of a challenge, we recommend watching this video by Bailey Sarian. She goes all out with a full face and body paint, but you can just pick up some tips and ideas for what works for you!




 Glam Mermaid


img @mariavmakeup

The secret to flawless scales… is fishnet! Achieve your Ariel dreams with an ethereal and glittery make-up look, and finish off with soft romantic waves in your hair (add pearl accessories for an extra nod to the sea). We loved this tutorial by Rhiannon Claire

Miss Rona

img @50shadesofgulabo

How about a tribute to the biggest culprit of 2020, Miss Rona- who swept into town and shut it all down! We spotted this tongue-in-cheek bat-inspired look on @50shadesofgulabo. The cute bat teeth and the little bat wings! Definitely a conversation starter at the Halloween party and surprisingly easy to pull off. The stand out part of this is definitely the huge lashes and the bold lips. For the mask, check out this tutorial from RayDoesFX


Pop Art Face

img @rahmanbeauty

A classic look that you may have seen before, but a well-executed version will surely pack a punch. The best part of this look? All you need is black gel liner, a bright blue or purple eye shadow, red matte lipstick and a white liner. There are tons of versions of this look available on Pinterest and YouTube, and you can go as complex or as simple as you want. Check out a tutorial on this makeup style from Promise Phan


What are you dressing up as for Halloween this year? How are your celebration different this around? Tell us in the comments below!

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